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Ready to write and publish your book?

Get a COMPLETE overview of what it takes to write, design and
publish your book in just 3 short days
at our Idea to Published Book BOOTCAMP.

Join us AND:

  • Find out exactly how to take your idea and transform it into a published book, through expert talks and real-world examples.
  • Learn about the publishing industry from experienced writers, editors and publishing professionals.
  • Know what it takes to write, design and publish a book that brings you credibility, revenue and raving fans.

No more missed opportunities for you and your business! No more confusion about publishing process. No more insecurities about whether your message is valuable enough to be a book. No more wondering when and how you're going to write the book you've been dreaming about!

You'll come away understanding our proven writing and publishing process, and even more than that, you'll gain CONFIDENCE as an author and CLARITY about your book.

Our authors have used their books to grow their careers, increase their speaking fees, build successful businesses and impact others with their message.

Learn from our panel of expert speakers, led by bestselling author, speaker and founder of Author Bridge Media. Helen has assisted more than 400 authors to write, brand and publish their books.

Gain credibility, revenue and impact with a book.

Register today and get your ticket to Author Bridge Media's LIVE
Idea to Published Book Bootcamp happening soon 
in beautiful San Diego, C.A.!

Who is this for?

You don't have to be an experienced author or writing expert to publish a book. If you have a message or mission to share, Author Bridge Media can assist you with your book dreams!

This Bootcamp is for you if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

  • Are you an entrepreneur or speaker looking to grow your business?
  • Do you want to attract revenue and raving fans?
  • Are confused about the writing process?
  • Do you need to know how to publish a book?
  • Do you want to get your hands on a proven system for publishing your book?
  • Are your dreaming of writing a book?

Stop wondering when and how you're going to write the book you've been dreaming about! Get your book started now!

What you'll get?

Before going into more detail, we want to share what you WON'T get from this event:

  • You won't be at "just another event" where the host hands you a blank notebook and a pen and wings it for 3 days. We've broken down the steps for writing, branding and publishing a book in a proven system that we are sharing with YOU so that you can create the best version possible for your book.
  • You won't  be listening to speaker after speaker after speaker pitch their business non-stop. There WILL be  a few guests speaking who have been hand-selected because of their valuable insight and experience that they can share with you. 
  • You won't have a finished book by the end of 3 days. This event is not a writing retreat. While you will be taking notes and masterminding with us on your book, the Idea to Published Book Bootcamp is a training event. The focus is teaching you about the writing, branding and publishing process.

Here's what you WILL get from this amazing event:

  • Strategies to write a book that people hunger to read
  • A proven system to help you write
  • Information about what branding is, why the success of your book depends on it and how to do it with your book 
  • Insight into the publishing industry and how to self-publish
  • 3 days of networking opportunities with entrepreneurs and industry professionals
  • Confidence and clarity to write and publish your book
  • Answers to your writing and publishing questions!

We're going to walk you through EXACTLY what we do as ghostwriters and writing coaches. Through our proven process, we have assisted hundreds of authors to write and publish their books and writing projects.

After writing a book with us, our authors have experienced:

  • Increased speaking engagements
  • Increased credibility and attention in their field
  • Increased numbers of interested clients
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased numbers of loyal fans and followers

Bootcamp Sessions

If you want to write a book, but you don't know how to start, this is for you. We'll be digging deep, with powerful presentations, exercises and sharing ─ so you come away with concrete plans for your book.

Our bootcamp is divided into five modules. Take a peak at our bootcamp modules here.

Expert Speakers

Helen Chang: Bootcamp Leader

Helen Chang is a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of Author Bridge Media, she has assisted more than 400 authors to write, brand and publish their books for credibility, revenue and raving fans.

Her clients include Michael Gerber of The E-Myth books, Dani Johnson of ABC's Secret Millionaire, and Scott McGillivray of HGTV's Income Property. Her authors have landed interviews with top media, including CNN, CNBC, Fox, Forbes, The View, and Tim Ferris Podcast. With just one book, a client author launched a $100 million empire. 

In particular, Helen loves working with people who have experienced failure, despair and struggle, yet rose to gain success, triumph and wisdom. She is passionate about authors with innovative thinking, unique methods and visionary ideas to change the world, as well as those with quiet, heartfelt messages that could save just one person's life.

More Speakers to Catapult Your Book Success

The Idea to Published Book Bootcamp is YOUR ticket to creating a successful and sought after book to share your message with the world and help your business grow.

Don't miss your opportunity! Sign up today to be part of this live event.

What to learn from our featured speakers at the bootcamp

Find out what others say about our Idea to Published Book Bootcamp:

Why People Love Our Bootcamp

Jeff Krahl

Gained confidence in his
writing and discovered his book message

Lanita Varshell

Learned the skills to publish and market her book

Robert Mance

Discovered how to turn his book into a product

Brooke Womack

Gained the confidence to share her message with the world

Lynnzi Budd

Learned how her book message will make a difference in the world

Ginny Brewster

Sparked many ideas for her to start writing a second book

Doreen Benjamin

Overcame her fear of not knowing how to write a book

Colin Secor

Discovered how to use his book as a platform to build his brand

Laura Latronica

Empowered to make a difference and share her message with her book

You're about to learn Author Bridge Media's PROVEN writing, designing and publishing strategies. We'll teach you EXACTLY how to write and publish a book that will establish you in your marketplace and resonate with your readers.

Whether you're an experienced writer or you've never written a chapter, this event is for you!

Bootcamp Sessions

We will be digging deep, with powerful presentations, exercises and sharing -- so you come away with concrete plans for your book.

Here's just some of the training sessions you'll attend:

Module 1: Create My Book Vision

Learn the steps to plan your book for success before you even write, so it explodes your business, grows your investment and catapults your life.

Module 2: Plan My Book

Learn how to create the blueprint of your book -- including your unique message, expert content and inspiring personal stories -- so you stand out as an expert in the marketplace.

Module 3: Write My Book

Learn the process and structure for writing bestselling books, so you get your book done with ease, clarity and confidence.

Module 4: Brand My Design

Learn how to craft your unique identity with your book title, cover design and book series, so your book supports your business, career and personal brands.

Module 5: Create My Publishing Empire

Learn how to set up your own publishing house -- selling on Kindle, Amazon and Audible -- so you fully own and control your content.

BONUS:  Connect Powerfully

Discover how to create a powerful, emotional connection with your readers, so they know you on a deep level, trust you as your guide and become part of your tribe.

The Idea to Published Book Bootcamp is a high-energy event, where we will be shaking hands, hugging and laughing together. You will be learning proven book writing and publishing methods, while making valuable connections and having fun!

Enjoy the warmth and skies of San Diego, as we convene in a room that overlooks a beautiful marina. 

Here's the specifics for the event. Be sure to register at the link below. We'll send you all the information you need to attend the event.

The dates for the Idea to Published Book Bootcamp are:





For inquiries, please call (619) 738-0309


  • Attend 3 days of live training where you will learn about writing, branding and publishing your book.
  • Receive a deeper understanding of the publishing process and the know-how to turn your idea into a published book!
  • Bring a friend and get DISCOUNTS!
  • You also have the option to meet and mastermind with a network of brilliant authors and experts in a VIP Luncheon for only $129 (for 3 days) 






If you're struggling with how to write your book and are feeling stuck, join us at the 
Idea to Published Book Bootcamp!

Here's a little secret. You don't have to do it alone!

People often think that being an author is a solitary occupation, but that's not true. The truth is that behind many great authors, there is a team of writers, editors and publishers ensuring that each book is the best it can possibly be.

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