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You want a book, but you feel
overwhelmed, stuck and

  • You've heard people tell you, "You should write a book!"
  • You want your book done ─ like, yesterday.
  • You have lots of ideas, but nothing on paper.
  • You wonder if what you have is any good.
  • You wonder if anyone will want to read what you have written.
  • You want to share your personal stories, yet still be seen as an expert.
  • You wonder if you should go for a traditional publisher or self-publish.
  • Maybe you have wanted to write a book for years.
  • You know you could charge higher prices, if only you had a book.
  • You've seen others in your industry get attention because of a book ─ even though you have more experience and knowledge.
  • Or you've met people after your talk, who ask, "Do you have a book yet?" 

No matter where you are in your writing or publishing process,
we can assist you.

Why our Authors love us

Michael Gerber

Bestselling Author, The E-Myth

Book Results: Created
new book series generating
$1 million+

Dani Johnson

Star on ABC's The Secret Millionaire

Book Results: Landed TV interviews; expanded from niche to mainstream audience

Scott McGillivray

Star of HGTV's Income Property

Book Results: Launched training business; entered new markets in North America and Australia

Some of our 500+ Authors' books

You need a book now to:

  • Be seen as an expert and thought leader
  • Attract more revenue
  • Raise your speaking fees
  • Inspire people
  • Share your story

Trish Bertuzzi, author of Sales Development Playbook, expanded her credibility at her book launch.

Mike Wien, author of The Specific Edge, raised his speaking fees with his book.

Alex Vorobieff, author of Transform Your Company, attracted more clients with his book.

More reasons Authors love us

Bart Baker

Insurance Industry Leader

Book Results: Grew business revenue by 25%; launched public speaking career and workshops

Leigh Brown

Sales and Motivational Speaker

Book Results: Raised speaking fees and reached worldwide audience; 5-star Amazon rating; made ROI in 4 months

Montelongo, Jr.

Real Estate Mogul, Star of Undercover Boss

Book Results: Started business division worth $100 million+; increased leads by 10,000+

Dr. Cynthia Thaik

Cardiologist Doctor

Book Results: Attracted 40% new business; launched speaking career

How are we different?

These days, anyone can write a book and get it published on Amazon.

But how do you create a book that really sets you apart as an expert or thought leader?

A book that people will hunger to read and buy? A book that earns 5-star Amazon reviews? A book that others refer to long after the launch... and gets clients clamoring to work with you?

By sharing your unique message and method.

By creating desire for what happens next in your book... and your services.

By knowing what your ideal reader wants and delivering it.

That is how we will make your book different.

Top 7 reasons
you will love the book
we create for you

  1. We capture your voice and message.
  2. We write to keep your readers
    engaged and inspired.
  3. We test your brand
    so audiences will buy.
  4. We invite audiences to join your tribe
    and work with you.
  5. We set you up for maximum rights and revenue,
    for the life of your book.
  6. We create multiple products
    so audiences have many ways to connect.
  7. We offer a book you are proud to share.

Share your voice, expertise and wisdom in a book.

Turn your ideas into revenue, while making a difference in the world.

Our proven Create My Book System
takes you from idea to published book in 6 months.

Write your book

We ghostwrite or guide you through the writing process, so your book inspires others while establishing you as a leader.

Design your identity

We assist you with branding, so you have a book you can be proud of while attracting clients who are eager to buy.

Publish your book

We support you in publishing, so you control your work while building a publishing empire for long-term revenue.

How we get you there

We provide 3 paths to reach your book goals. 


We do everything for you ─ ghostwrite, brand, and publish ─ your custom book, so you can focus on growing your business.


We guide you through writing, so you can finish your manuscript with excellence.

À la carte

We offer individual services, so you can take one impactful step at  a time.

Why choose us?

We get you.

We listen. We understand your business, industry and passion. And if we don't, we'll tell you.

We have a proven system.

We take you across the goal line. On time. Within budget.

We make you stand out.

We turn your message into a book that people hunger to read and buy.

We have your back.

Our team of experts creates your book, so you can focus on growing your business and doing what matters.

We show you the money.

We give you strategies to reverse engineer your ROI.

Stand out in the marketplace!

More reasons our Authors love us

Than Merrill

Star of HGTV's Flip This House

Book Results: Published by Wiley and Prodigy Business Books; started own publishing house

Jessica Cox

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Book Results: Raised speaking fees; publishing offers from Germany and Taiwan

Maurice Sykes

Educational Leader and Speaker

Book Results: Grew business 300%; "People know me before I arrive."

Trish Bertuzzi

High- Tech Sales Leader

Book Results: Became an industry thought leader; 5-star Amazon reviews

Mike Wien

Leadership Coach and Speaker

Book Results: Raised speaking fees by 50%

Carmen Kosicek

Nurse Consultant

Book Results: Won Amazon Book of the Year; launched documentary

Alex Vorobieff

Leadership Consultant

Book Results: Launched speaking career; Amazon #1 bestseller

Steph Jagger


Book Results: Earned 6-figure advance from HarperWave

Michael Yoshikami

Wealth Advisor

Book Results: Amazon #1 bestseller; promoted on CNBC

Nisa Burns

Chef and Columnist

Book Results: Media appearances on NBC, 700 Club, Parade

Chad Mureta

App Entrepreneur

Book Results: Published by Wiley; endorsed by Timothy Ferris and Tony Robbins 

Kristine Ovsepian

Energy Healer

 Book Results: Amazon #1 bestseller; 5-star reviews

Who we are

We are a team of passionate book professionals committed to bringing forth stories that transform people's lives.  

We assist entrepreneurs, business leaders, speakers and visionaries to write, brand and publish their books. These award-winning, bestselling books assist authors to stand out in the marketplace and attract more credibility, revenue and raving fans. 

Founded by bestselling ghostwriter Helen Chang in 2009, our company has assisted hundreds of authors to create more than 500 books and media projects. 

Ready for your next challenge?

Increase your impact,
grow your credibility and
catapult your business with
a book.