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  • Credibility with a Book
  • The Why of the Story
  • Book Vision: 3 Keys to Credibility, Revenue, and Raving Fans with a Book
  • Book ROI: Turn Your 1 Topic into 12 Products and 7 Figures

Do you want to write a book? Your unique book that shares your personal stories, while raising your credibility, attracting revenue and inspiring people. Discover a proven method to write your extraordinary book that stands out from others on the same topic. In this engaging and lively podcast, bestselling ghostwriter Helen Chang reveals three secrets to plan your book, tell your stories and create your ROI. Just by listening, you can start envisioning your powerful book. Whether you’re a first-time or veteran author, you will catapult your business with Helen’s masterful strategies.

You will come away with confidence and clarity about writing a book you can be proud of and creating an empire that leaves people hungering to work with you.

Meet Helen

Helen Chang is a bestselling ghostwriter, author, speaker and entrepreneur. As the Foundaer, Chief Ghostwriter and Editorial Director of Author Bridge Media, she has assisted more than 550 authors to write, design and publish their books for credibility, revenue and raving fans.

As a speaker, Helen has spoken on stages for Cisco, Keyspire Investors Summit, National Speakers Association, Publishers and Writers Orange County and others. Audiences praise her as a compelling and inspiring speaker, who delivers powerful content.  Her topics include: The Why of Story and Credibility with a Book. Her mission is that "everyone in the world knows the value of their message in a book."

Her clients include Michael Gerber of The E-Myth books, Dani Johnson of ABC's Secret Millionaire, and Scott McGillivray of HGTV's Income Property. Her authors have landed interviews with top media, including CNN, CNBC, Fox, Forbes, The View,  and Tim Ferris Podcast. With just one book, a client author launched a $100 million empire.

In particular, Helen loves working with people who have experienced failure, despair and struggle, yet rose to gain success, triumph and wisdom. She is passionate about authors with innovative thinking, unique methods and visionary ideas to change the world, as well as those with quiet, heartfelt messages that could save just one person's life.

Helen believes in the power of stories to transform people, whether through books, audio, or other viral media. She finds grace in helping people tell their stories, so that they can inspire others, make a difference, and ultimately, fulfill their own life purpose.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Helen is now based in San Diego, California. She participates with a Hawaiian-music group and enjoys dancing hula.

Helen as Guest Speaker

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Why Choose Me?

Helen Chang tells stories that make people laugh, cry and feel inspired about their own stories. 

As a speaker, Helen has spoken on stages of nearly 400 audience members. Organizers praise her as a compelling and inspiring speaker, who delivers powerful content.  Her topics include:
"Credibility with a Book" and "The Why of Story." Her mission is that
"everyone in the world knows the value of their message in a book."

What People Say

Jon Block
Masterful Communicator Academy

"She was provocative, inspiring. Her presentation was unique.
She had a variety of slides and it was very interactive.
I highly recommend Helen."

Tina Solorzano-Kullmann
Event Organizer, Cisco Women in Technology

"Helen engages with the audience in a very genuine and thorough way.
It makes you feel instantly that you can work with her and trust her.
Her presentation is thoroughly prepared, yet it does not look rehearsed.
It feels genuine—from the moment she gets on the stage, till when she gets off."

Michael Wytiahlowsky
The Inspired Medium


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