Here’s what our clients say about their experience with us:

Noble Warrior

Michael E. Gerber
Author of The E-Myth Optometrist and other books

“To Helen Chang, noble warrior, editor, brave soul, and sojourner, who covers all the bases we would have missed had she not been there.”


Than Merrill
Author of The E-Myth Real Estate Investor

“Without you this book would have taken a decade. Thank you for your hard workperfectionism, and constant prodding.”

Brilliant Process

Ken Goodrich
Author of The E-Myth HVAC Contractor

“Helen and her team has a brilliant process and I would not have anybody else touch my work every again.”

Excellent Feedback

Mark Hanf
Author of The Investor's Guide to Attracting Private Money

“Helen and her team provided some excellent feedback for editing and as a result now I have a book called The Investor's Guide to Attracting Private Money.”

Digestible and Consumable

Steven Littlefield
Author of The Business of Gratitude

“You and your team were able to get the essence of the story. "Digestible and consumable in a few pages instead of a few chapters.”

Perfect Process

Scott Leese
Author of Addicted to the Process and More Than a Number

“I would never had the book done without Author Bridge and the way that I did it is exactly the way that I needed to do it. It being captured and being drafted, going back and forth with the drafts, for me that was the perfect process.”


Cynthia Thaik
Author of Your Vibrant Heart

“It’s so amazing to me to think about how how far I’ve come from that original idea that I had in my head about writing a book. Honestly I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of Helen Chang and her team from Author Bridge Media. I was so supported. The process went so smoothly. Like I said, the book really turned out to be so much more than I even could have imagined. It’s been an amazing ride. Thank you!”

Editing Brilliance

Chad Mureta
Author of App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life and Let Technology Work for You

“For your editing brilliance and incredible cheer-leading. Any person who has the privilege to work with you is very lucky.”

You Believed in Me

Nisa Burns
Author of Kitchenability 101: The College Student's Guide to Easy, Healthy and Delicious Food

“Thank you for all your hard work, long hours, and commitment that you have put into this book. I would not be here if it wasn’t for that one phone call. You believed in me, and I can’t thank you enough for that.”


Trey Smith
Founder of GameAcademy.com

“You can find a lot of people obviously to edit a book for you or even give you some basic ideas, but what Helen and her team at Author Bridge Media did really took it to the next level. They inspired me. It was really a unique process. Every time I talked to Helen on the phone or a member of her team, they were all very sharp. They would really help me dig down into my ideas, and pull things out of me to write about that I didn’t even know really existed.

“If there is an entrepreneur out there and you’re thinking about having someone help you create your vision, having someone finalize your vision, then definitely check these guys out. They’re absolutely fantastic. They’re really great to work with. I mean it didn’t even really feel like work. It was really an amazing experience and I can’t promote them enough.”

Asks the Right Questions

Mike Wien
Author of The Specific Edge: How Sustained Efforts Wins in Life and Business

“I think the thing that I enjoyed most about working with Helen and Author Bridge Media is not so much what she was writing, but the questions she asked. She really helped pull some ideas out of me, and helped me really develop the ideas in much more depth than I ever would have expected. 

“I’m very happy to recommend Author Bridge Media, especially to someone who has some great ideas and great thought leadership, and they’re having trouble actually getting them out. This is an organization that is going to not only push you, but help you develop your ideas and turn your ideas and concepts into printed words.”

Helen Works Magic

Donna Mikkin

“So I’m going to tell you about Helen Chang, the best ghostwriter in the world. The reason being is, she will interview you, you’ll talk on the phone with her, and somehow or another, it’s like she sprinkles pixie dust all around, and she puts on paper, what you meant to say, and what you would have said, if you could have come up with it on your own. She gets into your head and she interprets it all. And it comes out magically, exactly the way that you want it. I love Helen Chang.”


Stephanie Jagger
Author of Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery

Easy Process

Laurel Macon and Lorie Williams
Author of Slow Escape

Enthusiastic and Energetic

Robert Mance
Ford Mance Capital Advisors, IPB Book Bootcamp

Motivating and Inspiring

Brooke Womack
IPB Book Bootcamp


Laura Latronica
Realtor, IPB Book Bootcamp


Jeff Krahl
Fifth Power Consulting, IPB Book Bootcamp

Make a Difference

Lynnzi Budd
Personal Chef and Integrated Nutritionist, IPB Book Bootcamp

Dreams can come True

Lanita Varshell
A Gentle Way Yoga, IPB Book Bootcamp

Editorial Expertise

Armando Lobato
Author of Living Your Vibrant Life Today

“Helen Chang’s editorial expertise proved invaluable in creating a first class book. She ensured that there was congruence and that the ideas and information presented in the book were communicated clearly and effectively. Her mastery of the English language and her professional, yet personable demeanor made our interaction a truly symbiotic, successful experience, and a book I can be proud of.”


Carmen Kosicek, RN, MSN
Author of Nurses, Jobs and Money: A Guide to Advancing Your Nursing Career and Salary

“Author Bridge Media with editor Helen Chang and the entire team has been outstanding!!! From explaining the process to a new author, to being prompt with deadlines as well as providing detailed guidance, their professionalism and commitment are sincere and prevalent throughout the entire process.

“Author Bridge Media has taken me from talking about writing a book to actually having a book ready for the published market in under 4 months! Their support is amazing and if the author is willing to put in the time necessary it can and will be done with this team!

“Thank you again Author Bridge Media! I now look forward to writing my next book and having your team as my editors!”

Pleasure to Work With

Michael Sarracini
Keyspire Group

“Helen was a pleasure to work with, both on a personal and professional level. She took my books to another plane, helping me provide my readers and students the highest quality of education out there. I look forward to working with Helen again.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Within Budget

J.D. Kessler
Director Academy of Creative Real Estate, Co-Author with A.D. Kessler of Zero to Millions: Change Your Life Through Creative Real Estate Investing

“Would I recommend Helen Chang? If you want to delegate a project to somebody that’s going to get things done, if you want to find somebody that is going to interview folks, put into a form that will delight, intrigue and motivate people, incorporate it into a document or manuscript, absolutely.

“The typical objective questions are: When you hire someone, would you hire them again? Did they do it on time? Did they do it on budget? Did they do it at the quality you expected? The answer is yes to all that.”

Attention to Detail and Patience

Armando Montelongo
Flip and Grow Rich, Acknowledgments Chapter

“When it comes to the success of this book, I must thank my writer, Helen Chang. Helen, you kept me on track and focused during the craziest times of my life. Your attention to detail and patience, while translating my voice onto the pages of this book, is nothing less than outstanding.”

Great Results

Erik Kerr
Hired Helen as a Writer/Editor

“Helen provides great results, sticks to time lines and is a fantastic communicator. She is very honest about challenges to a project and is quick to let you know, which is a big plus. Her end product is always spot on.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Calm, Conscientious and Accessible

Lynette Benton

“I was fortunate to find Helen Chang and Author Bridge Media when I was working on two major writing projects: a how-to book for writers and a memoir. Helen is thoroughly skilled in working with writers on both business and creative writing projects. Her editing is flawless — she made my work shine, while never tampering with the spirit and goal of the book. She understood my vision for it, and guided me to realize that vision.

“Helen was able to switch hats seamlessly to coach me in my work on my memoir. She is knowledgeable about the best conventions of memoir writing, as well as those areas where writers generally get stuck. And more importantly, she helps writers get out of their own way to achieve a clear and engaging articulation of their experiences.

“Working with Helen was unalloyed joy — she’s calmconscientious, and accessible. Her sense of humor is unparalleled — just what a writer needs when the going seems tough.” 

Professional Attitude

Thomas Bissmeyer
Principal of Price Morgan, LLC/ Real Estate Wealth Expert, Speaker and Co-Author of Creating Wealth Through Pre-Construction Investing

“Helen’s services were absolutely top-notch professional. We very much enjoyed that she kept us on a tight time-frame. We hit the deadlines that we had scheduled from the very beginning. We hit the budget and, in fact, came in just under budget from what we had planned. The end result was far beyond what we had expected. Her professionalism, her timeliness, and her skill came through in this project. We were very pleased and look forward to using her in the future.”

Encouragement and Inspiration

Brenda Lainof
Author of a Holistic Healing Book

“I was guided to Helen Chang to be my ghostwriter. Upon reading Helen’s bio and website I felt compelled to speak to her and to understand the process involved as a Ghost Writer. Although I felt extremely uncomfortable as to the thought of writing an e-book, after speaking to Helen in my consultation, I then became more encouraged. Helen has the intuition to ask the right questions and to really listen to my story. It was almost like she could read my thoughts that I was not able to express for myself. Helen intuitively was able to provide an outline and guideline to put into action. I am grateful for the encouragement and inspiration that Helen provided to step out of my comfort zone and show me the potential possibilities -- thank you Helen!"

Excellence and Diligence

Dani Johnson
First Steps to Wealth, Acknowledgments Chapter

“Helen Chang, wow, we did it! From book jail to book hell to book heaven, all in a few months. Thank you for all your hard work, countless hours, and all-nighters with this project. Your work ethic is unbelievable. You are a woman of excellence and diligence. This project would not exist without you. I enjoyed working with you, I love your heart for people."

Understood the Goals of the Book

Andy Denis

“We truly enjoyed working with the team at Author Bridge Media. They came in prepared to work side by side with us to help focus our thoughts and ideas into an actual project that could be executed. Their work product demonstrated that they understood the details, the spirit, and the goals of the book as we went along. We highly recommend ABM to other authors seeking to write an iconic book.”

Patient and Helpful

Patricia Gibson
Author of The Red Skirt

“Helen Chang not only delivered my manuscript to me in record time, but she also gave me suggestions that were on spot and critical to the book. In all of our interactions, she was patient and helpful. She is a great editor, and I highly recommend her to new authors like myself as well as seasoned authors. You won’t be disappointed.”

Effective Communication

Matt Greener
Online Strategy Consultant

“I want to take a moment to thank you again for your priceless contribution of insight and expertise for my project. Working with you has been a truly pleasurable experience, far exceeding my expectations and your seemingly effortless ability for discovering, compiling and organizing thought into effective communication is one that I value greatly. It’s an honor to work with a true professional!”

Highly Recommended

Michele Nash-Hoff
Author of Can American Manufacturing Be Saved? Why We Should and How We Can

“I highly recommend working with Author Bridge Media. It will help you be able to achieve your goal of having a well-written book that will be able to reach the market that you want to reach. They will be able to help you make your book the best that it can be.  

“The book has had a big impact on my business because I became an expert in my field of manufacturing. Now I’m different than other sales representatives. I am an expert in my industry and I’m working to return manufacturing to America.”

My Thought Partner

Maurice Sykes
 Author of Doing the Right Thing for Children: Eight Qualities for Leadership

“You have been my thought partner who helped me to organize my thinking around the topic of leadership.”

Heart to Help

Ann Gladys Testimonial

Dr. Ann Gladys
 Author of The Invisible Leader

“Helen invests all of her heart and soul helping authors in their journey to being published!”