Write your book─finally.

You're ready to get your book out of your head and on paper.
But you don't know how to go about it.

You don't know:

You're busy, and you:

If you need help writing a book -- whether it is guidance, feedback, or just someone to write it for you, our team can assist you in getting your book done.

Our proven Create My Book System will:

  • Guide you to structure and write your manuscript
  • Empower you to break through writing blocks
  • Keep you moving forward with strong accountability
  • Give you a book that people want to read

The Author Bridge Create My Book System™

Our team assists authors to write their books using our proven Create My Book System.

Step 1: Plan My Book.

Move from overwhelm to clarity by creating the blueprint for your book. Armed with this plan, you'll launch the book-writing process with confidence.

Step 2: Tell My Story.

Clear the confusion in your head by telling your story. You share your experiences, knowledge and wisdom, and finally get everything out of your head and on paper.

Step 3: Write My Book.

Feel the excitement of becoming an author as you shape your words in print. Your stories become a manuscript that shares your unique message and voice.

Step 4: Make My Sentences Smooth.

Get a sense of pride as your words are smoothed out. This step makes you sound like your best self and gives you a cleaned-up manuscript.

Step 5: Dot My I's.

Rest easy knowing that you look sharp as a professional author. You come away with a manuscript that is completely polished and ready for the designer or publisher.

Three paths to write your book.

The Author Bridge Create My Book System will give you a book you're proud of, whether you choose to write it through custom ghostwriting, through our guided group program, or with à la carte services.

Path #1: Custom.

You're the author, we're the writers. We custom ghostwrite a book for you, so you get a book with your voice, your message, and expertise -- that you can be proud of. If you don't have time to write your book, our experienced team can write it for you -- from planning to proofreading -- in as little as six weeks.

Path #2: Guided.

If you're writing your book yourself, but struggling to get it done, we can help. Our guided group program is designed to keep you accountable and inspired with insightful coaching, personalized manuscript reviews, writing retreats and live events, so you stay on track and finish your book -- finally.

Path #3: À La Carte.

Sometimes, you just need a helping hand. Whether you're looking for help planning your book, a manuscript review, or other editing services, our a la carte options keep you moving forward.

Once you are done writing,
you're ready to
design and publish your book.

Let's get started!

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