Plan My Book Workshop

This is an in-depth, personal workshop --  a time that you give yourself to dig deep into the heart and soul of your book to share with the world.

During this session, you'll have the opportunity to discover your inspiring message to the world. This is what will make your book stand  out from other books on the market.

You'll also map out the main topics you will cover in your book. You will come away with a powerful structure and complete blueprint for your inspiring book.

From the desk of Helen Chang

San Diego, California

Get Your Book Done

Quickly and Easily

  • Discover the heart and soul of your message, so that you reach your ideal audience.
  • Create the main topics of your book, so you position yourself as an expert.
  • Learn powerful structure for sharing your experience, so you write with confidence.
  • Create the overall blueprint of your book, so you know exactly what to say.
  • Choose stories that will create an emotional bond with your audience.
  • Convey your credibility and experience without bragging.

Discover your Heart Message™

You'll Also Learn

Write your book drafts.

  • Where exactly to put what you have to say in the book.
  • How long each chapter should be for maximum impact.
  • What to write in each chapter.
  • How to structure each chapter.
  • How many paragraphs to put in key sections.
  • How many words to put in key paragraphs.
  • How to turn your confusion into a clear framework for writing the book.
  • How to write with confidence, purpose and clarity.

Plan My Book Workshop

One-on-One Session




A Great Way to Start

"Author Bridge has a proprietary way of extracting what's really inside of you, what you're really feeling and what you really want  to express... (They) helped me in a short period of time to really synthesize and boil down what was important... They gave me great overview and the ability to go and start working on the book instead of just thinking about it...

I thought we accomplished in 2 to 3 hours what would have taken weeks... How much gets extracted  and utilized  and put into a way that now you can use... It was just a great way to start. It made it a no-brainer that we could go and finish (the entire book)."

-Alex Vorobieff

Make this Dream a Reality

"I am currently working with Helen to write and publish my first marketing book. She has helped make an intimidating process, an enjoyable experience. I have attended both the Plan My Book Workshop and Idea to Published Book Bootcamp. Not only were these events informative to me as a future author, but I personally was able to establish a solid foundation for completing my book. Meeting other aspiring and published authors at her events has helped motivate me on my own book journey. Plus, Helen has both a motivating and nurturing personality. She successfully combines these traits to help hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve their life long dream of being a published author. I highly recommend working with Helen and Author Bridge Media if writing a book is something on your bucket list. She will help make this dream a reality!"

-Melodie Tao

Laid Out a Clear Path

"I was clueless about how to get a book done. (Author Bridge Media) laid out a clear path from concept to publishing and all the steps in between."

-Erik S.

Well Worth It

"When I signed up for this workshop I had no clue how to get started or what direction to go in regards to the type of book to write, structure, and goal. Helen clarified the writing process, the intention and purpose of writing a book, and how to approach each step... I truly enjoyed this workshop. Well worth it."

-Nancy De Andrade, PHD, La Jolla Holistic Center

Useful and Informative

"This workshop was very useful and informative... With a process for organizing your thoughts and getting a running start. It is an excellent way to avoid writer's block..."

-Bob Glennon

Plan My Book Workshop

One-on-One Session