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Denis Waitley's message of hope an inspiration

May 25, 2020—Helen Chang

What do the world's best authors do, even in time of coronavirus? They work on their next book, of course. Bestselling author Denis Waitley has been doing just that... MORE

Why do we
tell stories?

May 13, 2019—Helen Chang

Why do we tell stories? From time immemorial, we as humanity have wanted to share our stories with each other. From elders to youngsters, from warrior to warrior, from oracles to kings... MORE

Jeff Bezos—Book
or Affair?

February 20, 2019—Helen Chang

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and owner of Amazon, announced his divorce in January. Married for 25 years, he had been having an affair for at least 8 months. Now, he's is embroiled in a... MORE

Flying Coach with Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

January 25, 2019—Helen Chang

I was on a recent flight to Phoenix for my niece's graduation. When I walked on the plane, I had a hard time finding seats. I finally found an open middle seat, and as I prepared to sit down, I recognized... MORE

Growing LinkedIn from 3,500 to 35,000 Connections

May 2, 2019—Helen Chang

Would you like to 10x your LinkedIn following? Writing your book for business growth and marketing success is a great way to do that. Here's a story of one of our authors... MORE

or Memoir

July 31, 2019—Helen Chang

Here's a bad joke: What's the difference between a summer dress, clean underwear and a funeral gown? Answer: The difference between memoir, autobiography... MORE

How to write
inspiring TED Talks

February 25, 2019—Helen Chang

Have you dreamed of giving an inspiring TED talk? Have you watched inspiring TED talks and wished you could also speak on stage? I recently had the honor of working with two... MORE

Triple your
speaking fees 

May 23, 2019—Helen Chang

As a speaker, you inspire people. You empower them to make big changes. You give them the tools to transform their lives. Let's face it: you deserve the highest pay possible. But how do you... MORE

5 Effective storytelling tips from TEDx

July 2, 2019—Helen Chang

Last month, I had the honor of attending a TEDx event in Chula Vista. One of the best speakers that day was William Hung, the American Idol contestant of "She Bangs" fame, who is now... MORE

Wei Ji: Danger and Opportunity

March 18, 2020—Helen Chang

How are you doing? With recent events, I've seen people's reactions range from panic to calm. Understandably, with the global death toll rising, there is reason for fear. As one ... MORE

Tribute to a colleague and friend

June 20, 2019—Helen Chang

The first time I met Katherine MacKenett (at that time known as Kristine Serio), she expressed such a profound insight about writing, I wrote it down on her resume. She said she resonated with... MORE

A business book
with a heart

November 14, 2019—Helen Chang

I've had the honor of working with Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth books for more than a decade now. We've done 8 books so far in the series, including The E-Myth Real Estate Investor... MORE

One simple habit
of Bill Gates

October 16, 2019—Helen Chang

Bill Gates has one simple habit that you can follow. Bill's executive assistant packs a canvas bag for him every week. This bag does not contain reports, documents or materials from Microsoft... MORE

A woman veterinarian story: From depression to passion

March 13, 2019—Helen Chang

Have you suffered anxiety and depression, but later discovered joy and connection? You want to write a book, but you wonder if anyone will want to hear your story. Will anyone... MORE 

Your personal-story in a book—inspiration from Crazy Rich Asians movie

March 6, 2019—Helen Chang

The blockbuster movie Crazy Rich Asians took audiences by storm, I personally loved it, watching it twice. And producers are already working on the sequel... The movie, directed... MORE

Kobe Bryant's
book legacy

February 24, 2020—Helen Chang

The sudden death of Kobe Bryant "Black Mamba" — NBA superstar, business investor, and book publisher — left millions mourning, including me. The helicopter that carried him, 41, ... MORE

[FREE The Reader's Why] Your photo in designing a book cover?

April 30, 2020—Helen Chang

A powerful cover design conveys the book content, while attracting readers. One of our authors, a successful marriage therapist, asked this question about her book... MORE

Soulmate to Book Series

March 12, 2020—Helen Chang

You can also find your soulmate in a book. When Jeff Krahl was looking for his soulmate, he committed to going on three dates every week for six months. He asked everybody... MORE

The Opportunities
You See

March 26, 2020—Helen Chang

One day we will all be gratefull for all the opportunities we are given in every circumstance. The circumstances around us are getting more dire, and we are told, is likely to get... MORE

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

April 10, 2020—Helen Chang

With the mask shortage going on, a lot of people are taking matters in their own hands. Funny photos... I just have to share... They're getting creative with DIY masks and more... MORE

Your #1 Way to Your Unique Business book

March 5, 2020—Helen Chang

Your own unique story makes your book different from any other book out there with the same topic. Are you ready to boost your credibility and stand out as an expert?... MORE

Should I write a business book or a memoir book?

June 3, 2019—Helen Chang

Prospective authors often tell me, "I think I have two books -- one about my life and one about my business. I don't know if I should write a business or a memoir book." Do you have this same dilemma?... MORE

Seven places to put your photo on a book

May 19, 2020—Helen Chang

Writing your own book is a stellar way to build your name, brand and business. It's also a great way to raise your visibility. This includes sharing your face in your book... MORE

[INSPIRING VIDEOS] Turn Protests into a Book

June 29, 2020—Helen Chang

Writing allows your voice to be heard across the world. Over the years, our company has naturally attracted a wide diversity of authors, who I'm happy to say, look like the world... MORE

[INSPIRING VIDEOS] Books as catalyst for social change

July 18, 2020—Helen Chang

Your book can make a difference to the lives of the people reading it. Your book can be a catalyst for social change. Most people I talked to want to write a book for credibility... MORE

[STORY] Hamilton -
The Origin Story

July 22, 2020—Helen Chang

Lin-Manuel Miranda - Hamilton now on Disney Plus. A musical inspired by the book, Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. I've been thinking about subscribing to the... MORE

James Patterson's Chameleon

August 25, 2020—Helen Chang

Just as a chameleon changes colors, an excellent ghostwriter has the ability to change voices. When meeting with new clients we are often asked, "How do you capture my voice as a ghostwriter?"... MORE

How to become a famous author and speaker

September 29, 2020—Helen Chang

If you're a speaker, you can be an author. The key message in your talk is often the same one you'll use in your book. You're a speaker who needs a book. You need a book to land bigger gigs and raise.. MORE

How to become Amazon books bestseller? 

November 17, 2020—Helen Chang

Amazon is the big, bad, wrestling contender of the book publishing world. Should you publish your book on Amazon? What does it take? And can you become a #1 bestseller at Amazon?... MORE

88 Things
I'm grateful for

November 23, 2020—Helen Chang

We can always find something to be grateful for no matter what circumstance we have in life. For many, this has been a year of great change and loss. For others, it's been a year of growth and... MORE

A powerful way to tell your personal-story

December 1, 2020—Helen Chang

Your Expert Origin Story™ creates that emotional connection with your readers. For Sarah Ruggera's birthday, she received a cake in the shape of her book that we just launched... MORE

Top 5 book trends during covid 

June 8,, 2020—Helen Chang

Pastime reading during this pandemic. Two weeks ago, I had a yearning for a McDonald's Big Mac. As a quasi-vegan, I haven't eaten beef for years. But I started fantasizing about "Two all-... MORE

Netflix features ABM Author

December 3, 2020—Helen Chang

Both your spoken and written words can create an impact to the lives of your audience. Super excited. One of our authors, Nate Howard, got featured on a Netflix special called, Song... MORE

Tony Robbins' morning ritual secret

December 17, 2020—Helen Chang

If you want to be successful, read books that successful people read. Tony Robbins, one of the world's leading success trainers, is known for his bestselling books, including Awaken the Giant Within... MORE

Bitcoin for book services

February 16, 2021—Helen Chang

Bitcoin investor Elon Musk and I think alike. We both believe in Bitcoin, and we both accept payments from customers in the cryptocurrency. The founder of Tesla created a tidal wave... MORE

Top 7 predictions for
book trends 2021

February 24, 2021—Helen Chang

People's reading habits increased in the past year making, book reading one of the most popular quarantine activities. One of the biggest winners in 2020 was our old friend: books. And the book... MORE

Fuel for Storytellers

June 27, 2021—Helen Chang

Your life challenges are fuel to your stories. The first time my sister and I visited a famous beach city in California, we got lost. I pulled the car over to ask a group of teenagers on the sidewalk... MORE

Emerging from my recent winter

July 21, 2021—Helen Chang

Has life returned to normal for you? Now that lockdown is over in many parts of the world, many people including myself feel their spirits lifted. If you are still on lockdown, may you be safe, happy... MORE

5 Keys to writing memoirs like a novel

August 3, 2021—Helen Chang

Writing memoirs is like telling your story to inspire others. Russ Robert had a half-written manuscript and a lifetime of memories to share. He came to us to finish the manuscript and publish the book... MORE

Write a faith-based book

August 29, 2021—Helen Chang

No matter what your faith, your spirituality can infuse the topics of your secular book. Do you want to writer an expert book that also shares your faith? We have helped many authors... MORE

The Pixar Pitch formula for storytelling

September 6, 2021—Helen Chang

Every great story shares a personal journey. Did you love the movies The Incredibles, Toy Story or Finding Nemo? These are some of the highest-grossing movies of all time—all produced... MORE

Business Fables—
Top 3 Pitfalls

October 6, 2021—Helen Chang

Every business lesson can be shared through a business parable. Over the years, we had the honor of working with several authors on their business fable books. Business fables... MORE

Jack Canfield's 9 Book Marketing Secrets

October 11, 2021—Helen Chang

Writing and publishing a book consist of consistent small steps. What does it take to become an international, mega-bestselling author? I recently had the pleasure of working with Jack... MORE

The Power of Narrating Your Own Book

October 17, 2021—Helen Chang

An audiobook version of your book can generate a new revenue stream. Do you want to hear your voice on Audible? Our authors sometimes ask, "Should I hire someone to narrate my book or... MORE

3 Easy Ways to Cut for More Powerful Writing

October 29, 2021—Helen Chang

How do you cut something that you love? One author I worked with felt that way about her manuscript. When she was done writing, she felt so proud. She has poured her heart and soul into it, sharing her... MORE

Top 5 Movies About Entrepreneurs

November 4, 2021—Helen Chang

Maybe your shared story in a book can become a movie one day. Could your story as an entrepreneur or visionary can become a movie? Many box office hits are about entrepreneurs. I get so... MORE

Turn Your Book Into Social Media Posts 

November 16, 2021—Helen Chang

Your book may contain a collection of inspirational quotes for social media. I'd like to say that your book is your content Bible. You can use it as a source document to turn into dozens of other... MORE

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