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Inspiration for writing a book and growing as an influencer

Jeff Bezos—Book or Affair?

February 20, 2019—Helen Chang

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and owner of Amazon, announced his divorce in January. Married for 25 years, he had been having an affair for at least 8 months. Now, he's is embroiled in a... MORE

Your personal-story in a book—inspiration from Crazy Rich Asians movie

March 6, 2019—Helen Chang

The blockbuster movie Crazy Rich Asians took audiences by storm, I personally loved it, watching it twice. And producers are already working on the sequel... The movie, directed... MORE

How to write inspiring TED Talks

February 25, 2019—Helen Chang

Have you dreamed of giving an inspiring TED talk? Have you watched inspiring TED talks and wished you could also speak on stage? I recently had the honor of working with two... MORE

A woman veterinarian story: From depression to passion

March 13, 2019—Helen Chang

Have you suffered anxiety and depression, but later discovered joy and connection? You want to write a book, but you wonder if anyone will want to hear your story. Will anyone... MORE 

Flying Coach with Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

January 25, 2019—Helen Chang

I was on a recent flight to Phoenix for my niece's graduation. When I walked on the plane, I had a hard time finding seats. I finally found an open middle seat, and as I prepared to sit down, I recognized... MORE

Growing LinkedIn from 3,500 to 35,000 Connections

May 2, 2019—Helen Chang

Would you like to 10x your LinkedIn following? Writing your book for business growth and marketing success is a great way to do that. Here's a story of one of our authors... MORE

Why do we tell stories?

May 13, 2019—Helen Chang

Why do we tell stories? From time immemorial, we as humanity have wanted to share our stories with each other. From elders to youngsters, from warrior to warrior, from oracles to kings... MORE

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