[STORY] A book that’s impacting lives 15 years later

Your book can impact lives in the years to come.

How many lives will your book change?

Not just in a mental or emotional way, but also in a tangible, practical way. 

I recently saw an Instagram post praising one of our author’s first books. It was also the first book I ever ghostwrote.

At the time, the author was a star of an HGTV reality show called, Flip This House. The show tracked the ups and downs of the fix-and-flip real estate entrepreneur. It starred Armando Montelongo, Jr..

Seeing the Instagram post brought back so many memories. 

When I wrote the first draft, the content wasn’t strong enough. We had to start over. But the next draft made the grade. It turned into a bestselling book with five editions, a workbook series, coaching programs, seminars and live events. The book, Flip and Grow Rich, came out in 2008.

On a recent Instagram post, one of Armando’s followers shared gratitude.

@Patricksims28 called Armando “a genius.” This follower praised the book, process and author as “True inspiration and a great mentor!”

Armando blog

Photo credits: Instagram @Patricksims28

My team did some digging and found older posts that praised Armando’s workbooks. They even shared how much they had earned using Armando’s system.

Armando blog 1

Photo credits: Instagram @armandomontelongo

Another follower @realmccoyre responded, “I still have this set. The true OG on how 2 design/ build your flipping machine!!! My wife and I have bought fixed and flipped over 100 houses over the past 15 years.”

Armando blog 2

Photo credits: Instagram @armandomontelongo

The posts reminded me of people I had met at Armando’s live events.

When I attended Armando’s live events starting in 2009, Armando graciously named me as his writing collaborator. During the break, to my surprise, people came up to me and told me how the book had changed their lives—for their families for generations to come. Many I talked to had tears in their eyes.

A few years ago, I chatted with Armando. He said that the book had launched a business division worth more than $100 million. His overall real estate business is nearing $1 billion. But that book served as the foundation of his message and system. 

On the cover of Flip and Grow Rich, I am listed as the “with” author. In other words, the book is “by Armando Montelongo,” and “with Helen Kaiao Chang.”

But the real thrill for me isn’t seeing my name on book covers. It’s hearing how our authors’ books have an impact on their followers’ lives. 

Even though it’s been 15 years since Armando’s book came out, I’m moved by how it is still changing lives.

I hope we can do the same for your book—and your audiences.

Let’s talk soon.

Your book can inspire others. And it can make you rich, too.

How will your book transform lives?

Let me know.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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