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Raise your credibility with a book.

About Us

We assist entrepreneurs to write and publish their books, so they can stand out in the market and attract more credibility, revenue and raving fans.

For the authors, these media products serve to:

  • Generate new revenue
  • Attract clients
  • Raise their Credibility
  • Inspire others
  • Leave a legacy

We serve as a bridge for authors to fulfill their writing dreams and create products that bring more wealth, joy and peace to the world.

The Team

Laurie Aranda

CEO and Publishing Director

Laurie is the CEO and Publishing Director of...

Helen Chang

Chief Ghostwriter and
Editorial Director

Helen Chief Ghostwriter and Editorial Director...


To bring forth stories that transform life on the planet.


We bring into being stories distributed through various media,
including books, workbooks, e-books and online outlets.


We bring into being stories distributed through various media, including books, workbooks, e-books and online outlets.


Our stories guide, move and inspire readers, viewers and audiences to experience more peace, joy, contentment, health, wealth, wisdom, connection and freedom in their lives.


Our clients enjoy the exceptional experience. They feel heard, gotten, understood, that their stories are genuine and authentic expressions of their purpose. They feel professionally guided, and they are inspired in the journey of creating memorable and marketable products.

Team Members

Our team is happy and growing in excellence. We intentionally practice our company values, while achieving team goals. We are motivated and supported as whole, creative and productive beings, while fulfilling our life purposes.


Our owners experience profitable returns, so the company's purpose and missions may sustain and thrive.


Members of the company's business network are aligned, enriched and inspired by their interactions with the company.

Core Values


We come from a place of appreciation. We are thankful for everything.


We strive to do more with less. We practice self-sufficiency, sustainable growth and profitability.


We are aligned in our values, words and actions. We do what we say we do or correct quickly.


We create an opening for ideas that weren't there before to come through, inspiring wonder and illuminating opportunities.


We collaborate with our authors, associates and community for inspired outcomes and greater good.


We live with a willingness to embrace joy. Even when the goal is serious, we work with a light heart.


Author Bridge Media is committed to giving back to our communities.

We contribute 10 percent of revenue to nonprofit organizations that support our environment and nurture future generations of writers and authors. Recipients to date include the following:

If you have a nonprofit organization to suggest we give to, please contact us: helenmedia (at) authorbridgemedia (dot com).