We offer dynamic events giving you strategies and ideas for writing a book and getting it published. No matter where you're at, these online and in-person events take you closer to reaching your book goals.

Writing a book can be overwhelming. Publishing options can be confusing. If you are working on your own, the whole process can be lonely, frustrating and intimidating.

Our programs show you how to go from idea to published book in as little as 6 months. Our events give you clear direction in environments that are supportive, encouraging and fun. They catapult you to the next level of book success.

Our writing retreats, workshops, bootcamps and webinars provide you with the time and space to write your book, create your brand and get your book published.

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Our webinars give you free book writing tips for writing, branding and publishing your book.

Previous topic include:

  • 5 Elements to a Perfect TED Talk
  • Top 5 Ways to Structure Your Book
  • Publishing 101: Traditional, Hybrid or Self-publishing?
  • Powerful Book Writing: Emotional Connection to Magnetize Readers
  • Create Your Book Vision

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Do you have tons of ideas in your head, but you don't know how to get it out on paper?

Do you have a lot of content, but you don't know how to organize it into a book?

Join us for a Plan My Book Workshop to create your book blueprint, so you can write your book with clarity and confidence.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Discover your unique message to stand out from other books on the same topic
  • Map out your topics to position you as an expert
  • Learn how to structure your book for greatest impact

You will also:

  • Turn your confusion into a clear framework
  • Write with confidence, clarity and purpose

This is an in-depth, personal workshop where you will dig deep into the heart and soul of your book. You'll come away from this session with a powerful structure and complete blueprint for your book. You'll identify what makes your message stand out from other books in the market and create a clear plan for moving forward.

Writing Retreats

Our Writing Retreat gives you the dedicated time and space to write that you've been craving.

We give you a writing sanctuary, where you can focus on your book. You'll also mastermind with a community of authors and writing coaches, so you can dissolve writing blocks and reach your book goals.

You'll come away feeling confident and capable as an author.

During the retreat, you'll be:

  • Focused - Take time away from your busy, hectic life and focus on your book. You'll make massive progress in getting your book done.
  • Inspired - Meet your writing muse and discover new insights and ideas for writing a book, during powerful guided exercises.
  • Excited - Break through your writing barriers with the help of a writing coach during a one-on-one session.
  • Accomplished - Make tons of progress getting your book done, in the company of other authors with similar goals. You'll be amazed by how much progress you make.

Writing a book can be a long and arduous process. The retreat gives you a powerful boost, relighting the spark that inspired you to write your book in the first place.

Experience breakthroughs and inspiration at the Write My Book Writing Retreat.


Learn the secrets to write, brand and publish your book by attending our 3-day Idea to Published Book Bootcamp. Our Bootcamp gives you the strategies, know-how and resources to write and publish your book in as little as 6 months.

Here's what you'll do at the Book Bootcamp:

  • Learn a proven system to write and publish bestselling books
  • Create your book ROI (Resturn on Investment) Plan
  • Jumpstart your book with insights from our expert Ghostwriters and Editors
  • Find out which publishing model is best for you
  • Discover marketing secrets from book industry experts

Plus, you'll get to:

  • Ask questions and mastermind on your book with our Author Consultants
  • Network with a community of authors, making valuable connections
  • Enjoy scenic bay views and delicious healthy meals
  • Have fun, while hugging and laughing with new friends

Imagine — in just 3 days, you'll have a clear map to write, brand and publish your book. You'll have a book you can be proud of, that also grows credibility, revenue and raving fans


Helen Chang, Author Bride Media's CEO and Editorial Director, is a dynamic, engaging and compelling speaker.

Her signature talk Create You Book Vision: Three Keys to Credibility, Revenue and Raving Fans with a Book, has been heard by thousands of people around the world.

Helen speaks at business, publishing and other professional events to share her bestseller tips for writing a book and getting it published.

Helen has spoken at events including:

  • National Speakers Association (NSA) Annual Convention
  • Cisco Women of Impact
  • Keyspire
  • Global Speakers Summit 2018
  • Craig Duswalt's Rockstar Marketing Bookcamp
  • Publishers and Writers Association of Orange County
  • University Club 360 Degree Group

She is also a sought-after speaker on podcasts, including Scaling Up with Bill Gallagher, Wealthy Wednesday Radio with Luci McMonagle and Entrepreneur on Fire with Mark Jamnik.

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