The new normal of speaking

The new online platforms allow you to reach
even greater audiences worldwide.

I recently had the opportunity to speak at an event in Singapore.

Many people know of this place as a futuristic, wealthy and exciting city, as depicted in movies such as Crazy Rich Asians.

But I know the island as a place with people filled with dreams and goals. 

During my talk at the Asia Pacific Speakers Association conference, I spoke about launching books for credibility and inspiration.

The conference, attended by hundreds of participants worldwide, featured both an in-person and virtual component.

I had the honor of speaking through an online platform, which provided a personal intimacy with my audience. This is the new normal: Engaging audiences by video and in person.

Speaking is the #1 way to monetize your book. These days, speaking means both online and in-person.

The new online platforms allow you to reach even greater audiences worldwide. It also allows people to see you in more detail than ever.

When I was preparing for my talk, I was especially careful with my makeup and hair, knowing that people could see my face close up on the screen.

But the most important thing in reaching a wide range of audiences globally is sharing a universal message, something that resonates with the human experience, something that everyone can relate to, I call this your Heart Message.

I was humbled by the feedback I received from my talk. Despite geographic, time, and technological differences, we all have stories that can move humanity.

Living and working in Singapore as a business journalist in the 90s, I met warm and wonderful locals and ex-pats, many of who are still my friends today. What a pleasure it was to circle back.

Are you ready to speak on virtual platforms and reach audiences globally?

Do you have a Heart Message that resonates with everyone, regardless of where they live?
Can you make your face radiate close up?

If you’d like to explore possibilities, I’d love to connect.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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