Tony Robbins’ Speaking Power: Emotional Connection

The ability to create a strong emotional connection with your audience is one of the key things not only in speaking on stages, but also with writing books.

Have you ever watched a professional speaker share their personal story, and they well up with emotions during the most dramatic parts?

For one, I think of Tony Robbins.

At every basic event he gives, Robbins tells his personal story of nearly starving as a child during one Thanksgiving. Then a good soul knocks on their door and offers a full meal for the family. 

Over the decades, Robbins has probably told that story tens of thousands of times.

Yet every time he tells it, he wells up in tears. (Imagine, a strong and buff 60-something-year-old man crying on stage.)

Of course, Robbins got over the pain of that childhood trauma ages ago. Yet, he deliberately allows himself to express emotion every time he tells that story on stage.


Because the emotional connection creates a magnetic bond with his audience.

Emotional Connection Tony Robbins blog

So it is with your books.

You may have long healed from the pain of failure. But you want to share that traumatizing moment with your audience to create an enduring bond.

The emotions keep the momentum going for your ideal audience. It gives them the adrenaline rush and dopamine motivation to keep turning the pages.

At the end of his story, Robbins talks about how he now gives hundreds of thousands of Thanksgiving dinners to others in need every year. 

That inspiring ending creates another emotional bond. Audiences feel awe, generosity and hope. They are powerfully connected to him.

That’s what you want with your story.

By the end of your book, you want your success story to create a deep bond with your reader—by tapping their emotions of awe and inspiration.

Are you ready to write your story in a book?

Let’s talk.

Do you need to craft your story in a way that creates a powerful emotional bond with your audience?

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Let’s make your readers laugh, cry and jump with joy.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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