Write a faith-based book

No matter what your faith,
your spirituality can infuse the topics of your secular book.

Do you want to write an expert book that also shares your faith?

We have helped many authors write faith-based books, intended for a general audience. Our authors include devout Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and New Thought followers.

Each of these authors had a personal story of faith to share, yet wanted to appeal to a wider, mass audience. When they came to us, they wanted to know how to honor their spirituality, without turning off audiences of different backgrounds.

This is how we worked with these ABM authors:

Dani Johnson, ABM author of First Steps to Wealth

Dani Johnson, star of ABC’s Secret Millionaire, primarily serves a Christian audience but she wanted a book that would attract to a mass market. So we chose chapter topics with a wide secular appeal, such as entrepreneurship, debt and wealth. But we also shared the 12 Laws of Success. Only in the last chapter did we share the source of those laws — the Bible.

Dustin Hillis and Steve Reiner wrote their early drafts by thanking Jesus from the start. However, after working together, our team revised the manuscript to help them reach a larger audience. The acknowledgments to Jesus were made in a much more personal section of the book.
Selling the Way People Like to Buy went on to sell tens of thousands of copies worldwide.

Pat Chang wanted to write a book about dating and romance from the perspective of his Buddhist faith. But he didn’t want it to come across as preachy. Working together, we created a book that had a sexy, debonair and wise voice. By focusing on his personal experiences and insights, we shared his faith without overwhelming his audience.
His book, Head Overs Wheels, comes out this year.

In another book, Garden Sanctuary the author John Robert Beaudry shares his personal story as a Spiritualist, as well as his expertise as a landscape designer. The book is elegant, holistic and wise, and readers are deeply moved by his story. National organizations are now selling the book.

Do you want your book to share your faith while appealing to a wider audience?

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by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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