[STORY] Memoir of a teen runaway, fugitive,
and 60s hippie follower

Writing your memoir can also be your dream come true.

Do you want to write a memoir?

Some authors want to write their stories of a particular time, place and experience.

A memoir gives you a way to tell your story in a detailed way.

I’m delighted to share one of our latest books. Wendy Baker’s memoir, My Name was Mushroom, launched this July. It hit multiple Amazon’s #1 bestseller lists. Now, a major media company is interested in possibly turning it into a movie.

Wendy’s memoir tells of her unconventional youth, as a member of a spiritual hippie group, a fugitive of the state of California and a 16-year-old, pregnant, unwed mother.

She had met the cult’s leader, Yahowah when she was 14, drawn by his brilliant blue eyes and flowing white hair. Shortly after, she ran away from home, fled police custody and moved with the commune throughout California and Hawaii, in an experience of survival, self-discovery and wisdom.

Our team had the honor of managing her book design and publishing process. In particular, our publishing manager, Laurie Aranda, worked closely with her to conceptualize and refine her cover design and publishing formats. 

For one, Wendy wanted a cover design that conveyed the mood of the 60s and her innocence at the time. After several mock-ups, she chose one with a photo of herself as a young girl in the spiritual group.    

Wendy’s husband, Bart Baker, had already written and published two highly successful business expert books through us. Now, Wendy tells her very personal coming-of-age story through this memoir.

I’m happy to see her dreams come true.

Are you ready to share your memoir with the world? 

You’ll never know where your book will lead.

Would you like to explore

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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