Get published with an NYT publisher?

Get ready to publish your book through a top book publisher.

Would you like to get published by a New York Times bestselling publisher?

A top book publisher recently invited our company to collaborate with them.

This publisher has had 40 New York Times bestsellers, 80 Wall Street Journal bestsellers, and hundreds of USA Today bestsellers.

“Your authors are exactly the type of people we’re looking for,” he said.

I loved this publisher's authors as well, and the high levels of visibility they have achieved. I was honored to be invited to collaborate with them.

“Yes,” I said. “I’d love to work with you.”

After more discussion, I liked the opportunity this publisher offered even more, for these reasons:

  • Our authors still get to keep their copyright, revenue, and control.

  • Our authors have the option to keep their own publishing entity while teaming up with this larger publishing house. This again offers more copyright and branding control.

  • Our authors can bypass traditional requirements for literary agents and formal book proposals, saving a lot of time, energy, and money

The publisher mentioned that they receive more than 10,000 applications a year. But this year, they are accepting only 150 authors.

This is a rare opportunity for our authors to go to another level. 
I was honored that he chose us to be among his author sources.

“What exactly does it take to qualify?” I asked.

He shared with me some of their criteria, and I was delighted to confirm that many of our authors fit.

The publisher seeks these types of authors:

  • You have a powerful purpose for your book
  • You’re an expert, thought leader, or visionary in your industry
  • Your book(s) are in the business, self-help, or wellness genres
  • You have a network large enough to sell at least 2,000 copies of your book
  • You or your business have funds to invest in the project

I have already started offering this publishing opportunity to several of our authors, with positive outcomes.

Are you next?

Let’s see what’s possible for your first or next book.

Do you qualify?

Even if you don’t, would you like to explore more options?

I do have contacts with top literary agents and other publishing houses. But the criteria are much more competitive and expensive.

You can be a new author engaging us as a writing partner. Or you can be an existing author, with a track record of projects with us.

Shall we talk?

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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