Turn your book into social media posts

Your book may contain a collection of
inspirational quotes for your social media.

I’d like to say that your book is your content Bible. You can use it as a source document to turn into dozens of other content pieces. 

One type of content is social media posts. 

When we finished Chris Bay’s Family Banking with a Purpose, we pulled out 20 sentences for social media posts. 

With Scott Leese’s book, More Than a Number, we pulled out 29 quotes.

And for Navigate 2.0 by Dustin Hillis, we excerpted 50 phrases.

All those sentences, quotes and phrases were then turned into posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. In other words, 50 phrases multiplied by 4 platforms turned into 200 posts.

In this case, one book generated 84 social media posts.

So how did we choose the quotes to pull out?

3 Tips for pulling quotes from a book.

1. Choose sentences that share evergreen principles.

For example:

Here’s one from Chris Bay’s book:

Life becomes simpler when you control the wind current.

And from Scott Leese’s book:

A VP of Sales is only as good as their weakest team member.

2. Find phrases that reflect the author’s unique expression.

For example:

From Chris Bay’s book:

Once you understand what you’re fighting for, you’ll be fired up to create the life you want.

From Scott Leese’s book:

Sales success comes from shrinking the Delta between idea and action.

3. Grab quotes that share best practices.

For example:

From Chris Bay’s book:

The more people can get dollars to cycle through their community, the more their businesses will thrive.

From Scott Leese’s book:

Build a group of people around you who share your paina and who have found solutions.

Your book can contain a multitude of social media posts.

Are you ready to write your book that serves as your content Bible?

Let’s explore.

What other marketing content can you create with your book?

I’m happy to share.

Choose a time.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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