One simple habit of Bill Gates

If you could be a little bit more like Bill Gates,
the world’s second richest man, would you do it?

Bill Gates has one simple habit that you can follow.

Bill Gates reading list span a wide range of topics. (Image Credits: Facebook/BillGates)

Bill’s executive assistant packs a canvas bag for him every week. This bag does not contain reports, documents or materials from Microsoft, the company he founded.

Instead, it contains books. About 15 books.

Bill Gates's reading list spans a wide range of topics, including business, science, history, politics and even memoir.

Bill finishes reading the bag of books and gets a new set to read every week.

I learned this in a documentary on NetFlix, called Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.

Wow! Talk about inspiring.

In fact, Bill Gates as a child, got into fights with his mother, because she wanted him to socialize, while he wanted to spend days in his bedroom just reading books. I can relate (to Bill)!

Bill Gates, the world's second richest man.
(Image Credits: Facebook/BillGates)

Today, Bill Gates spends virtually all of his working hours reading and applying new ideas to philanthropic causes that lift the world’s poorest people. And he uses his social skills to collaborate with other stakeholders in those areas.

Maybe you can’t read 15 books a week. But even reading 15 seconds a week will take you closer to the world’s richest people.

If you want to reach influential and wealthy people, write a book.

If you want to be an influential and wealthy person, write a book and read (or listen to) even more books.

If you’re ready to be that influential author, let’s have a conversation. Choose a time here.

You may not have as much wealth, fame, influence or impact as Bill Gates. But you do have one thing equal in amount to the world’s richest people: time.

Don’t waste time putting off your book.

Let’s get started now

Choose a time here.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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