The Power of Narrating Your Own Book

An audiobook version of your book
can generate a new revenue stream.

Do you want to hear your voice on Audible?

Our authors sometimes ask, “Should I hire someone to narrate my book or should I narrate it myself?”

This typically happens when we’re discussing publishing options for their book. Our services include publishing audiobooks on Amazon’s platform, Audible.

I give them these pros and cons. And I now offer a hybrid solution.



  • Professional speaker and voice
  • You get to choose
  • You save time


  • Professional narrators charge fees
  • Audiences may not connect with you directly



  • Audiences connect with your voice (this is especially useful if you’re a professional speaker)
  • You create a direct emotional connection
  • Save money


  • You may not have the best voice
  • Time expense (you might spend up to 3 days recording)

And a hybrid solution:



  • You get coached by a speaking professional
  • Your investment is less than hiring someone to narrate
  • You become your own brand
  • You create a direct emotional connection with your audience


  • You spend time narrating your own book
  • You may need to practice

Liz Goodgold, a professional speaker, author and friend has coached many authors to narrate their own audiobooks, for more audience connection. She has coached more than 220 authors, written 3 bestselling books, and wrote a column for Entrepreneur magazine.

Would you like Liz to coach you?

Your own audiobook can generate new revenue. 

Liz reminds us that you’ll also be in the company of bestselling audiobook authors.

“Michelle Obama narrating her own 19-hour book was magical,” says Liz. 

“Malcolm Gladwell voices his own books. He fell in love with the audio genre to such an extent that he created his own audio business entitled Pushkin Industries!”

Connect with us to learn more about Liz’s coaching services. 

You may not sound like Michelle Obama or Malcolm Gladwell, but you’ll sound like the best version of you.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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