Jeff Bezos – Book or love affair?

Writing a meaningful book can be far more challenging than having an affair. But it will cost you less.And it will fill that hole in your soul. Jeff Bezos take note.  

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and owner of Amazon, announced his divorce in January. Married for 25 years, he had been having an affair for at least 8 months. Jeff Bezos had an affair with Lauren Sanchez and divorced his wife MacKenzie. Stories about Jeff Bezos world’s richest man will one day fill many books.

Now, he's is embroiled in a scandal with the National Enquirer. The publication had blackmailed him about his lurid sextexts and photos to his lover.

Bezos' affair may be sad, but not unusual. Many people suffering from mid-life crisis escape to extra-marital affairs, sports cars or shopping binges. Some turn to drugs and alcohol. Others become like Campari--sour and bitter.

It's a result of an inner angst, despair and depression that hits at the average age of 42, according to research reported in Time Magazine.

I understand. I've been there.

Experts say that during the Dark Night of the Soul, many people show uncharacteristic behaviors like binge shopping, having an extra-marital affair and midlife crisis.

During this Dark Night of the Soul, people tend to ask, "What's my purpose for living?", "I've achieved success, but why am I not happy?", "How can I make a real difference in the world?"

They may have earned the American dream of a spouse, children, and a white-picket fenced house. They have a good job, good income and social respect. But they don't know what their life is for.

Psychologists say that what mid-lifers really yearn for is more meaning in what they do, a greater sense of significance, and a bigger legacy in the world.

I found a solution. Write a book. Your book allows you to distill wisdom from what you've already accomplished, share your experience with others and make a bigger impact in the world. It gives you meaning, significance and legacy.

Writing a book can give you soul satisfaction.

Writing a meaningful book can be far more challenging than having an affair, buying a Porsche, or wearing a big fat golden ring. But it will cost you less. And it will fill that hole in your soul.

I don't know why Bezos chose to have an affair, and I certainly am not in a position to judge. But I do know that he might have had a different sort of soul satisfaction if he had chosen to write a book, instead of writing sextexts.

Is it your turn to create more meaning in your life with a book?

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by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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