How to Become Bestsellers on Amazon?

Amazon is the big, bad, wrestling contender of the book publishing world.

Photo by Helen Chang - Amazon Books

Should you publish your book on Amazon? What does it take?

And can you become a #1 bestseller at Amazon?

When people ask me these questions, here’s what I say.

Amazon is the big, bad, wrestling contender of the book publishing world. Yes, you want to play, and every one of our authors who engages our Amazon expert hits #1 bestseller at Amazon.

Amazon books - a big contender in the publishing world. You have to win to become one of Amazon books bestsellers Image credits: - Squash Match

But you also need to avoid getting knocked out.

Amazon is a huge contender:

  • Amazon is the fourth-largest search engine in the US, after Google, YouTube and Facebook.
  • It sells 50% of all print books published in the US.
  • And it sells 80% of all eBooks worldwide.

Become one of Amazon books bestsellers.

But you need to guile to enter Amazon's ring.

For example, in some cases, you can hit #1 Amazon status, just by selling 3 books a day. Yet for some authors, hitting #1 bestsellers on Amazon actually translates to more sales than hitting New York Times bestseller status. And you need to avoid getting knocked out. In many ways, Amazon can be a bully.

  • Amazon punishes you, if you don't choose them as your only online outlet.
  • It pummels you, if you don't use their publishing arm, CreateSpace.
  • And it penalizes you, if you don't stick to their price guidelines.

Amazon is winner when you play in its wrestling ring. But you also have to know how to avoid getting punched out.

It's time for you to be on Amazon books bestsellers list. 

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I promise I won't wear boxing gloves. ☺


by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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