[VIDEO] Turn your book into a podcast

Learn how to generate income from your book
by turning it into a podcast with these helpful marketing tips.

Books offer you many ways to create marketing products and generate more income. 

One marketing vehicle is podcasts. 

At Author Bridge, we use these 7 ways to turn books into podcasts.

  1. Convert your book title into a podcast name. 
  2. Turn your chapter topics into podcast topics. 
  3. Turn your chapter sub-topics into podcast sub-topics. 
  4. Turn your personal stories, client stories and industry stories into podcast topics. 
  5. Turn your tips, pitfalls and checklists into podcasts.
  6. Invite guests to talk about your podcast topics.
  7. Become an expert speaker on other people’s podcasts.

But podcasters have more strategies to launch or supercharge successful podcasts.

Sarah Lockwood, a podcast expert, helps many authors launch podcasts. She founded HiveCast.fm, a podcast production and marketing company. 

During a recent interview with me, Sarah graciously shared her secrets to turning books into podcast marketing machines and vice versa.

She offered 3 top strategies:

  1. Get super clear about this one thing.
  2. Instead of simply interviewing your guest, make sure to do this.
  3. Watch the interview to find out more…

[Video: 40 mins]

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Do you already have a podcast?

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Otherwise, hear what Sarah has to share.

If you’d like to explore, I’m here.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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