[STORY] 10 years to write a book?

It's never too late to fulfill your dream of becoming an expert,
a leader, and most especially, a published author.

If it takes ten years to write and publish your book, would you do it?

If you’re from a developing country, such as Nigeria, and you want to work with a top editor in the US, would you go for it?

If you have very limited funds to pursue your book-writing dreams, would you give up?

Let’s talk.

Madu Ibrahim was an aspiring author from Nigeria. As a Lieutenant General in the army, he wanted to share his experiences in a book about leadership. He wanted this book to appeal to leaders of all industries, including the military, politics and business.

His dream was a book that spoke to Nigerians, as well as leaders throughout Africa. Because many leadership books from the US didn’t directly apply to their situations, Madu wanted a book that spoke to people in his continent. 

His book aimed to share leadership principles from an African perspective that could uplift and uplift others in his part of the world.

I first started working with Madu in 2012. We would work together, and then he would disappear for months and even years at a time. But he kept coming around. He never gave up.

Madu-blogPhoto credits: Amazon website

This year—10 years after we first started talking—Madu published his book, The Flag Lieutenant: Value Based Leadership and Ethics from an Aide-de-Camp. 

When I received a copy, I held the book like a baby. Not only did Madu have a book that shared his principles, but he himself had exemplified what he taught.

In my mind, he had earned his place as a leader in the military, as well as an author.

How long have you been working on your book?

What kind of country do you come from?

How long will you persist in fulfilling your dream?

I hope you’re inspired by Madu’s story.

Would you like to chat?

I can’t wait to hold a copy of your book.

You are a leader in your world. 

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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