Your Book Vision for 2022

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Did you or everyone else around you find yourselves in bed over the last month?

I did.

I suffered from a cold in December and slept 10 to 12-hour nights. I had the sniffles, but not a runny nose. I was tired, but not exhausted. Cold, but no fever. 

Later, I heard about how the new variant is very mild. I wondered if I had it. Now I’m waiting for a test kit!

But that has not stopped me from creating visions for this coming year. 

Are you still creating your visions for 2022? Would you like support creating your bookvision for this year?

As a GIFT, I’d like to offer this short version of a guided meditation. May it catapult your dreams this year! 

Get Your Book Done Guided Meditation

(Video length: 16:17)

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I’m excited to learn what your dreams are for this year.

If you like to chat about your book, let’s explore your dreams together.

Happy 2022!

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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