Books as Catalyst for Social Change

Your book can make a difference to the lives of the people reading it.
Your book can be a catalyst for change.

Your stories, your books can be a catalyst for social change.

Most people I talked to want to write a book for credibility and revenue.

But everyone I talked to wants to write a book to inspire people and create an impact.

Every author has their own reasons to write a book.

Because books are catalysts for social change.

Whether your book creates a mass movement, or it saves just one person’s life, your book can make a difference.

Your story can create a strong emotional connection to your readers.

A few weeks ago, I asked some of our African American authors how books related to protests and social change. I shared with you some of the responses from our male authors. Now I’d like to share with you what some of our women authors said.

I think you will be inspired.

Regardless of race, our authors exemplify the universal values of leadership, tolerance and continuous growth.

Here are some excerpts from our conversations:

Marquesa Pettway, Speaker, Author, Business Reinvention Expert, Chair of Black National Speakers Association, Author Bridge Media Author

What I love about leveraging books is, it's permanent. Social media disappears, speeches come and go. A book, I can pick up, I can read it. We need to hear people's voices during the time that we're living in.”

(Video length: 1:42)

Tonya Fitzpatrick, Author, Speaker, Founder of World Footprints, Author Bridge Media Client

People reading books don't necessarily care what ethnicity you are. They will care about the stories. The message is universal.

(Video length: 1:59)

How is your book a catalyst for social change?

I’d love to hear.


Let's talk.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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