Turn Protests into Books

Writing a book allows your voice to be heard across the world.

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Over the years, our company has naturally attracted a wide diversity of authors, who, I'm happy to say, look like the world. 

Like all our authors, our African American authors stand for the universal values of excellence, leadership and wisdom. 

Regardless of your race, I think you will be inspired by their answers. 

Successful books share universal messages that touch people of all races and backgrounds. 

Enduring books change the course of humanity. 

I’m sharing with you three interviews from our African American male authors.

Be inspired by our authors!

Anton Gunn, Leadership Speaker and Consultant, Author Bridge Media Author Quote:

“Your voice can be heard in your community when you protest, but if you write a book your voice can be heard across the world.”

(Video length: 2:57)

Kaplan Mobray, Author, Speaker, Career Consultant, Author Bridge Media Author Quote:

“The nutrients of protests can become a book. Everyone should ask their selves, what am I learning about this time?”

(Video length: 2:01)

Nate Howard, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Founder of Movement BE, Author Bridge Media Author Quote:

“It takes courage to look within and decide to just be and, in that decision, we have everything that we need. That’s love, that’s joy, that’s peace.”

(Video length: 2:54)

Now tell me…

What do you think about these videos? How will your book change the world?

In light of what’s going on around us, what message do you want to share?

If you want to change the course of humanity, write a book. Your book. 

Let's talk.

Becoming an inspiration to others is one of the reasons to write a book.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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