[STORY] Double your client leads

Writing a book is a powerful way to double your client leads. It establishes you as a leader in your industry and raises your credibility.

What if you have so many client prospects you can raise your rates and turn away prospects?

That’s what happened to Sarah Ruggera, author of Happy Me Happy We: Six steps to know yourself so you know what you want in a relationship.

We helped this marriage therapist to write, design and publish her book. It launched in 2020.

Sarah Ruggera double clients blog1Photo credits: Sarah Ruggera's Facebook

After Sarah’s book came out, I didn’t hear from her at all. I called and emailed, but never got a reply.

During a weekly meeting, I asked our team members. “Was Sarah unhappy with our service?”

“No,” said Laurie, our Publishing Manager. “She was very happy.”

I cocked my head.

In December 2022, two years after Sarah’s first book launched, Laurie got a call. The veteran therapist shared her excitement and said she wanted to write a second book.

During my meeting with Sarah, I asked what happened. 

“I got so busy,” she said. “I was overwhelmed.”

Sarah explained that after her first book came out, her client leads practically doubled.

She had so many client leads, she had to refer people to other counselors. 

When I pressed further, Sarah explained that she did very little formal marketing of her book. No big speaking engagements, no huge YouTube channel or Instagram posts, no fancy media campaigns.

Instead, she did her own low-key marketing. She promoted her book on social media and gave copies to her existing clients.

Sarah Ruggera double clients blog2Photo credits: Sarah Ruggera's Facebook

Those actions alone brought her more than enough leads. 

More importantly, she had the satisfaction of knowing that her message was reaching a wider audience through her book.

Even if couples didn’t work with her directly, spouses who were trying to decide “Should I stay or should I go?” had a resource for improving their marriage. 

Now, Sarah is working on her second book. She wants to help couples in a more specific area. (Of course, I’ll let you know when that book comes out.)

I’m so grateful to work with authors like Sarah. Even if I don’t hear from someone for two years, I can trust that their book is changing lives.

I know you make a huge difference in people’s lives, too.

Would you like to get your message out?

Yah, you do

Would you like to possibly double your client leads with a book?

Of course. 

Would you like to be so busy with prospects that you don’t have time to talk to us after your book comes out?

Let’s have a first talk.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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