88 Things I am grateful for this 2022

I am grateful for every big and small things. I am grateful for you!

What are you grateful for?


The practice of gratitude gives us the space to receive more good things.

Years ago, while chatting with a friend, I must have come off as a complaining, ungrateful whiner.

Instead of addressing my complaints, she said, “Why don’t you write a list of 100 things you are grateful for?”

I looked at her with surprise. She continued, “Do this every day for the next 30 days.”

I didn’t like it, but I trusted her wisdom.

Everyday, I stretched my mind to find new things to be grateful for beyond food, shelter and work. By the end of my 30 days, I was grateful for the most random things such as the color orange, electricity and mattress stuffing.

In this month of gratitude, I continue this practice with a shorter list.

The auspicious number I’ve chosen for this list is 88. I hope I can inspire you with your list to far exceed 88.


I am grateful for these 88 things: 

1. Vitamin D3

2. Green velvet mountains

3. Shimmering water along Lake Murray

4. Sunset views over Waikiki beach from Jade’s balcony

Waikiki Sunset

5. The scent of eucalyptus trees

6. Ceiling fans

7. Dictionaries

8. Aveda shampoo

9. Steamed dumplings at Ding Tai Fun

10. Hot water with ginger

ginger water

11. My oval dining table, bought at half price

12. A fresh sheet of white paper

13. Bungee cords

14. Storage sheds 

15. Handheld vacuum cleaners

16. Felt pads to put on the chair legs

17. Frankincense

18. Scanners to digitize all my photos

19. My gourd drums

20. Silk

21. Robotic mops

22. My heart-shaped sunglasses

heart sunglasses

23. Just for Today

24. In-person hugs

25. Laughing so hard with friends again that I can barely breathe

26. Lynnae’s clearing statements

27. Apps for buying and selling stuff

28. Silent Meditation retreats

29. Ecstatic dances

30. Watching K-Pop shows with my sister and niece

31. My big, fat Hawaiian birthday party 

hawaiian bday-1
hawaiian bday-2

32. Jocelyn with my pink uke

33. Danielle and Jazmine

34. Alexa landing a semester in Singapore

35. Courage to apologize

36. Laurie

37. My mother and father in my dreams

38. Cashmere

39. Inner guidance

40. Lane Kawaoka’s syndications

41. Monkeypod trees

42. Hiking with Ida

43. Near-death experience videos on YouTube

44. Dying To Be Me, by Anita Moorjani

45. Andrea Bocelli performing live in San Diego

Andrea Bocelli in SDPhoto credits: Pechanga Arena San Diego Website

46. Adele’s Go Easy on Me

47. Uncle Roger roasting Jaime Oliver

48. Insight

49. Crying

50. Laughing

51. The principle of empathy before strategy

52. Firefighters

53. My HECHA book

54. Our Inspired Authors Movement

55. NFTs for books

56. The business fables we have created

57. Giving BARs sessions

58. The song, The Sound of Snow Falling

59. Jo Koy’s movie, Easter Sunday

60. Audiobooks to relieve screen fatigue

61. Dumari St. Angelo’s dating advice: Be interested, then be interesting

62. No war in this country

63. Enough food

64. The principle of making things right

65. Letting go of 32 boxes of memories

66. Willingness

67. Inflatable mattresses

68. Babies

69. Music in Oregon City with Kim

70. A game of Go with Darby

71. Mooncake at Mount Tabor

72. Strangers from a Different Shore, by Ron Takaki

73. Almond flour

74. The scent of pandan

75. Party of possibilities

76. Loren Allred on Britain’s Got Talent

77. Lettecia’s lasagna made with summer tomatoes

78. Metal tape measures

79. The silence between words

80. Everything I Never Told You, by Celeste Ng

81. Period panties

82. Bottled spring water

83. The Dancing Queens

84. Questions

babies-blogPhoto credits: Pixabay

85. Lava

86. Prayer

87. The universal fabric of cells

88. Having more things to be grateful for than can fit on this list

One more thing: I’m grateful for you.

Whether you are a recent or longtime subscriber, I appreciate your consistent, loyal and heartfelt connection in my life. 

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by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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