Laid off employees write books?

A book can catapult your credibility for your career change.

Laid off and writing a book?

Could your book help you pivot into your next role?

One author I recently spoke to works in a Big Tech company. As you may know, Big Tech companies have laid off hundreds of thousands of workers so far this year.


This author was spared. She still has her job. 

But she’s preparing to pivot. Her backup plan is to start her own consulting service in the tech space. She says, “A book is a perfect way to showcase my expertise and launch my own business.” 

Are you worried about getting laid off?

Or do you know someone who is concerned about losing their job?

This may be a perfect time to build your lifeboat.

If you are ready to become a thought leader in your space, a book is a must.

If you have proprietary knowledge and experiences that you can charge for, a book is a way to reach ideal clients.

Your book may be the perfect tool for your next career.

Even if you are job hunting, you can find time to write your book.

Especially if you receive a healthy severance package, you have the runway to launch your business and book.

Over the years, I have helped many authors through their process of changing careers. A book was key.

How can we turn your job loss into a career miracle?

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by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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