From book to online course

Turn your book into an online course for recurring revenue.

So I had the joy of spending time with a star online course producer.

Parchelle Tashi runs a video production group that turns authors’ books into profitable online courses.

She recently invited me to an intimate dinner with several book industry experts. Each was unique in their gifts and talents, which we all expressed in extraordinary ways.

At the intimate dinner hosted by Parchelle Tashi
Photo credits: Joe Solomon

As the meal unfolded, a lively conversation sparked. We talked about a wide range of topics—from book NFTs to nomad-publishing lifestyles to the new era of human consciousness.

Parchelle Tashi
Photo credits: Joe Solomon

I came away feeling satiated, connected and inspired.

The opportunities in book publishing are vast. Your book gives you credibility, an online course offers recurring revenue and entrepreneurship gives you a lifestyle.

Would you like to explore creating an online course from your book?

Let's chat.

Would you like your online course to support your credibility?

Our partner does incredible work.

Let’s see what that might look like for you.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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