Triple your keynote speaking fees

How a book lands you higher-paying talks

As a speaker, you inspire people. You empower them to make big changes. You give them the tools to transform their lives.

Let's face it: You deserve the highest pay possible.

Increase your keynote speaking fees with a book.

But how do you get top keynote speaking fees? The answer is simple: write a book. A collection of your insights, your take on your industry, your recipe to success. The ideas that have been simmering in the back of your mind for so long—it’s time to share them. Maybe you even want to become a motivational speaker bestselling author.

Share your expertise with a book and be an inspirational speaker.

I’ve worked with countless writers on hundreds of books, and I know that getting published will cement your place in your industry. At the same time, your value as a speaker will triple, if not grow by even more.


It happens in five ways. First, the book will help you to land keynote addresses, not just basic speaker gigs. I had a friend who was unbelievably proud to be paid $11,000 for a speaker job at a three-day conference. After his talk, he got all sorts of praise, including that he was even better than the keynote. However, he was deflated to find out that speaker was paid $35,000 in keynote speaking fees. He found out the discrepancy came down to one thing—the planners selecting a keynote speaker chose the other speaker because he had written a book. The conference’s organizers felt that having a book positioned him as an influencer, which would attract more attendees.

Imagine how you would feel. If you had the chance to hear from a motivational speaker bestselling author or just a regular speaker, what would you choose?


The second way a book can expand your keynote speaking fees is by helping you reach a bigger and more widespread audience. One author came to me because he knew he could speak at schools and lower-key events but he dreamed of landing higher-paying engagements. He even dreamed of testifying in Congress to help our country. By writing a book, he’s on his way.


A third option to increase your speaking income is making a deal to waive speaking fees but be paid in books sold ahead for each attendee. Many conference organizers jump at the chance to place a book on each participant’s chair. They see it as upfront added value.


Books can also be a magnet for leads. You can tell people in outreach texts that they’ll get a free copy of your book if they respond. So many people jump at the chance to get a new book—wouldn’t you? Let your book build that bridge.


Fifth, and last, you could land that Ted Talk or major, high-profile gig with short notice. Trust me, you’ll want to have a book immediately available after you inspire people with your ideas and passion. They’ll want to hear more from you, so be prepared to give them that chance. The cliché, “Timing is everything” rings true. So many people have given their high-profile talk, created all kinds of buzz and then gotten a book deal and started the process. By the time the book comes out, however, the buzz has long faded. Marketing is so much harder.


TED Talks is a powerful stage to share your message.

Don’t let this happen to you. Ride your well-deserved momentum, and increase your future keynote speaking fees, by starting your book now.

Writing your book can be simple. However, if it’s bewildering or overwhelming, you’re not alone. You certainly don’t have to write your book by yourself. Instead, contact me at See how easy it is to turn your passion and knowledge into a resource and inspiration for others. My team will usher you through the process, helping you with any challenges along the way.

And then, be ready to reap the rewards!


by Helen Chang and Tanya Roys

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