Turn Your Podcast into a Book

Your podcast can give birth to a bestselling book.

I’ve worked with several influencers, who wanted to turn their podcasts into books.

Podcasts, of course, are a very different medium than books. They’re shorter, more spontaneous, and very conversational. They also can be highly promotional.

With one project I worked on, only about half the content could be used in a book. We needed to create more content to write an outstanding book. Books just are a different medium.

What’s the best way to turn your podcast into a book?

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Here are three keys:

1. Create a book blueprint

Your book needs to have a clear outline. The chapter topics should stand alone, yet take the audience on a journey from beginning to end. 

While podcast topics can serve as chapter topics, just randomly choosing topics can create a messy stew, like mixing bell peppers, seaweed, and chocolate in the same dish. 

A book blueprint gives you a recipe to choose the right ingredients--chapter topics.

2. Strip out promotional content

The podcasts that I worked on often promoted the influencer’s sponsors, programs, events, services, and so on. The promotions were skillfully woven through the podcast content but did not work as solid book material. 

Sometimes, up to half the content in any given podcast episode has to be cut, because they are promotions.

In a book, you still want to promote your programs, events, and services. But that doesn’t take up half the book.

3. Cluster podcast topics

Great podcasts often consist of conversations with awesome guests. The banter, empathy, and jokes create fun and excitement in the episode.

Your book can also feature these guests, but the main narrative needs to come from you, not them. Your voice is most important. 

But when you strip away the banter, the content that’s left can sometimes be thin. So you sometimes need to cluster several podcast topics to create a single chapter topic.

Can podcasts become bestselling books? Absolutely.

Can books become popular podcasts? Definitely.

Would you like to explore how to turn your podcast into a book? Book a time here.
The key is in the planning.

Let me know if you would like support in planning your podcast and book. 

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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