The Opportunities You See

One day we will all be grateful for all the opportunities we are given in every circumstance.

The circumstances around us are getting more dire, and we are told, is likely to get worse.

At the same time, as you know, our circumstances never define who we are. We always have the opportunity to choose our reactions.

In my last email, I asked you to share with me the opportunity you see.

Many of you wrote back, listing how you plan to turn the down-time into up-time for your life.

Here are some opportunities you told me about:

  • "meditate more"
  • "pray"
  • "to get closer to Jesus Christ"
  • "attend virtual Sunday services
  • "spend more time with the kids"
  • "learn to homeschool"
  • "catch up on school work for graduate school"
  • "do an audiobook"
  • "finish my manuscript"
  • "schedule an appointment to talk to somebody about helping me work on my manuscript for book two"
  • "finish tasks on book ASAP"
  • "review my book draft"
  • "keep writing & publishing articles where I share real facts about this COVID-19"
  • "do The Artist's Way"
  • "write a bunch of blogs"
  • "continue her ministry and mission"
  • "continue education"
  • "be grateful for unemployment insurance"
  • "clear out my email inbox"
  • "buy more toilet paper!"

You may feel you’re in prison. But working at home (or anywhere on lockdown) doesn’t mean we stop pursuing our dreams.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in jail and wrote his autobiography bestseller.

Gandhi was locked up 6 years when he wrote his now-classic memoir.

Piper Kerman did 13 months of jail, which she wrote about in Orange Is the New Black.

Even prisons can be opportunities.

One day, we might look back on this, and be grateful for the opportunities it gave us.

Stay safe and healthy!

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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