Top 5 types of book covers

Your book cover design sets the tone of your book at a glance. There are different book cover designs that you can choose from.

When we work with authors to create their book cover design, they often have no clue.

“I have no idea what I want,” they’ll say, “but I know what I like when I see it.”

I’m that way too.

I have to rely on designers to translate my feelings into visual images.

But over the years, I’ve noticed that top book cover designs fall into these general categories.

Maybe this list will inspire you.

The top 5 cover design categories are:

  1. 3-D image
  2. Typographic
  3. Photo
  4. Illustration
  5. Combination

Here’s what I mean:

1. 3-D image

These cover designs use 3-D images to give you a sense of depth and width.

Examples from our authors’ books:

  •  Living Through Choice, by Kristine Ovsepian
  • The Breakthrough Insurance Agency, by Bart Baker
  • Your Money, Your Future, by Michael Yoshikami
3-D Image

2. Typographic

These designs rely primarily on the font and typeface to form the cover image.

Our authors’ books:

  • The Insider's Guide to Private Lending, by Jeff Levin
  • More Than a Number, by Scott Leese
  • Happy Me, Happy We, by Sarah Ruggera

3. Photo

Some authors prefer covers that include photos. 

Examples from our authors’ books:

  • Unlearning to Fly, by Russ Roberts
  • Got Smoothie Go, by Peter Last
  • Tell Your Story Before They Do, by Nate Howard

4. Illustration

Illustrations can add a fictional quality to a cover.

Our authors’ covers:

  • Outsource or Else!, by Steve Mezak
  • Ordinary Parents, Extraordinary Wealth, by Bernadette Laxamana
  • Head Over Wheels, by Pat Chang

5. Combination

Strong covers often combine the above elements into one design.

Examples from our authors’ books:

  • The Power of Bridge Loans, by Sofia Nadjibi & Mark Hanf
  • Jump Off the Mood Swing, by Dr. Brendan McCarthy
  • Resilient and Sustainable Caring, by Karen Schuder

Isn’t fun to look at cover designs?

What type do you like best?

Or do you have a category that’s not listed here you want to suggest to me?

I’d love to hear

To explore your book cover options, let’s talk

No matter your book topic, we can create a visually stunning cover that you can be proud of.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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