Wei Ji: Danger and Opportunity

 With the recent global health scare, what will you choose?

How are you doing?

With recent events, I’ve seen people’s reactions range from panic to calm. Understandably, with the global death toll rising, there is reason for fear. As one of my one of my contacts put it, “Fear, death, pain, suffering.”

At the same time, as you may know, the Chinese term for crisis is wei ji. This comprises two characters, meaning “danger” and “opportunity.”

Wei Ji: Danger and Opportunity

I challenge you: What might be the opportunity here?

With so many cancelled events, one client told me she is using the coming weeks to finish writing her book. She’d been thinking about it for three years. Now is the perfect time.

Another industry expert said that with the extra time, he plans to stock up on doing podcast interviews.

As for me, I’m catching up on current projects and repaving roads for future growth. Ironically, with the world on pause, we are seeing so many authors coming forth, wanting to tell their stories and get their books done.

I am excited to be here for them.

During the market crash of 2009, I was so terrified and panicked, I couldn’t sleep at night. I made bad decisions. But now, I feel only calm and serenity.

I’ve learned that “This too shall pass.”

If you’re feeling fear and concern, I understand. You are not alone.

If you are seeing opportunity, I applaud you. This could be the best time of your life.

During this time, I’d like to inspire and nurture you on your book journey. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing past interviews, trainings and just fun stuff that you can enjoy. Yes, everything will be free.

The world has seen how a microscopic virus has the power to kill organisms many times bigger than itself.

But we also know that your spirit, passion and imagination are infinitely greater than anything on the planet.

May you find opportunity!

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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