Choose the right book designer

They say, "First impressions last." The same is true with book covers.
It's important that you choose the right book designer, always.

“I already have a designer,” said one of our authors, Elizabeth Riggs. “You can just use their file.”

“Is your designer a professional book designer?” we asked. “Are they using professional book software to format it?”

“Yes,” said the author. “He’s a designer!”

We warned her that book designers are specialized experts, but she insisted her designer was a book professional.

So we used her designer’s file. 

When the file was uploaded to Amazon, our Publishing Manager, Laurie ordered a book proof—a sample copy. We review proofs to look for and correct errors, before printing an entire run of books.

When Elizabeth got her print proof, she was in tears. She was so frustrated and disappointed. She wanted to give up but getting her book published meant so much and was so important to her. 

The colors were wrong, the margins were off, the spine text was backward, not to mention there were random pages with only one or two sentences and the whole thing just looked messy. When Laurie looked into the issue, she realized that the author’s design files were not compliant enough. “It's like trying to shove a CD into a cassette player, it's not going to work, it doesn't fit.  They may both have the same music but the formats are different and it's not going to work.”

Laurie strongly recommended that Elizabeth use our book designer—a professional who understood formatting for Amazon books. 

When she received the new book proof a week ago, Elizabeth was very happy with the new proof and how professional it looked. She said in Spanish, "Quiero que sepas que acabo de recibir la muestra. me encanto!!!" (English translation: "I want you to know that I just received the proof and I love it!!!")

When the book was published, she said, "OMG!!!  I'm crying!! I can't believe it!!" 

"Hoy culmina el capitulo mas importante de mi libro!" Elizabeth added.  (English translation: "Today completes the most important chapter of my book!")

Laurie was overjoyed too.

The wisdom of her guidance had paid off.

ER blogElizabeth Riggs' published book

Elizabeth Riggs, the author of Pasos para un Encuentro, launched her book on Amazon on November 28, 2022. It was the biggest thing on her gratitude list this year. 

Next, Elizabeth plans to publish the English-language edition of her book. Working with Laurie, she will use our professional book designer from the start this time.

Our authors are often moved to tears of joy when working with us.

Avoid the tears of pain.

Let us guide you through your book publishing journey.

Are you looking for professional design and publishing services?

We’ve got the team for you. 

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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