Do you name your ghostwriter?

People often ask me, as a ghostwriter, “Do you mind not having your name on the book cover?”

“No,” I say. “I used to be a business journalist. My name has appeared hundreds of times already in top publications. I don’t need another by-line.” 

Let me explain more. 

I’m inspired by uplifting people’s lives. That’s my Why for doing books. 

When I work with an author to get their book out, we’re able to reach so many more people in areas that I could never reach myself. And that makes me happy.

Besides, my name appears in the Acknowledgements section of the books we do. I’m usually credited as an Editor or Collaborator, and our team at Author Bridge Media are also acknowledged. 

We never use the word ghostwriter.

Early on, I did have one book where my name appeared on the book cover. It was the author’s name “with” my name. But that book topic was not an area of expertise for me, so I didn’t feel the same kind of satisfaction.

After that, I preferred to let my authors stand with their own names in full glory.

As I said, I’m motivated by transforming people’s lives. I take great pride and joy knowing that each of our authors’ books shine a light in the world. That’s the purpose I aim to fulfill.

Is it your turn to see your name on a book cover?

Click here.

Is it time for you to uplift other people’s lives with your book?

Let’s explore.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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