Your second book?

A book can catapult your business.
A second book can turn your business into an empire.

What do you do for your second book?

Sometimes the success of the first book can eclipse that of the second book.

But when done right, your second book can catapult your business even more.

That is what many of our authors have found. Their second books have multiplied their income, contacts and reach.

When Bart Baker’s first book came out, his business grew by 20%. When his second book came out, his business skyrocketed by another 25%. Bart’s first book, If an Elephant Sits On You, Are you Covered?, appealed to clients. His second book, The Breakthrough Insurance Agency, attracted industry professionals.

BB-booksBart Baker's first and second books (left to right)

Leigh Brown’s books expand her reach as a speaker. Her first book, Outrageous Authenticity, landed her speaking gigs in a broader range of industries. Her second book, The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales, offers a playful take on a niche topic.

LB BooksLeigh Brown's first and second books (left to right)

With Kristine Ovespian, her first book, Living Through Choice, focused on the health problems that readers have. More specifically, ailments such as anxiety and depression. Her second book, Wisdom Unbounded, focuses on the qualities of wellness, such as self-love and intuition. Each book attracts a different type of reader.

KO booksKristine Ovsepian's first and second books (left to right)

How will your second book grow your empire?

Let’s chat.

Maybe you’re still focusing on your first book. But it’s okay to dream about your next ones.

Just as parents often dream of how many children they’ll have before the first one is even born, you have full permission to dream about your family of books even if you have yet to publish your first one.

No matter how many you write, your books grow your credibility.

Shall we explore together?

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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