How to Become a Famous Author and Speaker

If you're a speaker, you can be an author. The key message in your talk is often the same one you'll use in your book.

You’re a speaker who needs a book. You need a book to land bigger gigs and raise your speaking fees. To go to the next level of keynote talks, a book is your ticket to becoming a famous author and speaker.

Become a bestselling author and an inspirational speaker.

Whether you’re an author who wants to break into the speaking industry or a speaker who wants to break into the book industry, speaking on stage and publishing a book are great tactics to help boost your business and become a famous author and speaker.

As an author, you will improve your recognition and reputation as a thought leader in your chosen field.

Speaking and writing go hand-in-hand. In both your talk and your book, you are most likely sharing the same key message.

A famous author and speaker often connect with their audience through their key message.

When writing a talk, you must identify your unique message and then plot out the supporting points. It’s the same with a book. You create a blueprint of your book based and then fill it in. Books and talks need to be engaging. They must include anecdotes and interesting details to help connect with your audience.

As a speaker, you’re already on the path to becoming an author. Your talk is an introduction to your book. A good talk will hook audiences and leave them wanting more. It will motivate them to buy your book and do business with you.


A book can share your story or expertise on a deeper level. With a book, you can talk directly to your ideal audience, creating an emotional connection with your readers.

You don’t need to be a wordsmith or an English master to write a book. All you need is an honest message and the drive to share it. Through your book and speaking engagements, you can increase your credibility and revenue, and gain raving fans. Your words, whether spoken on a stage or written in a book, have the power to inspire and change people’s lives worldwide.

If you’re a speaker, you can be an author. If you’re an author, you can be a speaker.

Are you ready to become a famous author and speaker?

Writing a book will raise your credibility and status.

Our team at Author Bridge Media works with speakers and authors just like you. We know that your book can bring you more speaking invitations and increased revenue for your business.

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by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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