[VIDEO] Protect your book from AI theft?

Artificial Intelligence (AI): A tool or a thief?

Is ChatGPT an innovator or a thief?

If you use generative AI, you may call it a game-changing innovator. 

But if you are a creator, whose work AI has scraped, you might call it a thief.

In fact, authors and photo-stock companies are suing ChatGPT for blatantly stealing their work.

This concern is affecting our authors, too. 

During a conversation I had with one of our authors, he asked if he should trademark or patent his original systems shared in his forthcoming book.

I said, “Yes.”

ChatGPT is scraping everyone’s work, and you need to protect yours.

You might enjoy this video of our conversation. (1:40 minutes)

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Although ChatGPT is astonishing and miraculous, its reconstitution of real people’s work can also create Frankenstein results.

Dall.e sample

Sample ChatGPT/Dall.E2 Photo created by their image generator

I’m really proud of our author’s forthcoming book, and I’m glad he’s going to protect it.

We helped him and many of our authors to create their proprietary systems, methodologies and Intellectual Property, shared in their books.

What about you?

Are you ready to stand out with your own system?

I’m happy to chat.

I’m sure ChatGPT cannot come up with an original system the way you can. 

You may as well own it.

Let's talk.

PS. My emails and blogs are entirely original—written without the aid of AI, ChatGPT or other generative programs. The video, however, was created using an AI program.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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