Did the markets crash your book?

Writing an evergreen book makes your content timeless.

Did the markets crash your book?

Is this falling market destroying your book content?

If your book is about investing—for example, in stocks, cryptocurrencies or real estate—the current economy could be crashing not only your portfolio but also your book content.

I can’t inflate those markets. But I can save your book.

One mistake many novice authors make is to write their books based on current conditions. But we guide our authors to produce books that will be relevant in any market.

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Our goal is to write books that will be evergreen.

How do we do that?

By writing content that addresses various market conditions.

For example:

  • Dated: “With interest rates so low now, you can…”
  • Evergreen: “Regardless of interest rates, you can…”

These examples highlight real estate topics. But you can see how we apply this strategy to all investment books we ghostwrite.

The principle is the same: Make your book evergreen.

Regardless of the market, we want your books to be relevant in good or bad times.

Can we save your book

Can we keep your book relevant

Or shall we just chat about whatever book ideas you have?

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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