[VIDEO] Interview people for my book?

You are the expert in your book sharing your expertise,
stories and methodologies.

Sometimes people talk to me about a book idea and they want to interview 10 to as many as 100 people in their subject area to include in the book. 

The plan is to get the top names in that industry so people want to read that book. And to get the attention of those subject experts.

When I talk to these authors they ask questions like:

  • How many people should I interview?
  • How do I approach them?
  • How do I ask the right questions?

I can easily answer these questions.

But my more important question back to them is, “Is the purpose of this book to elevate you or to elevate them?”

They always say, “To elevate me.”

They want credibility for their work.

This is what I say, “Plan your book first, choosing subjects that you are an expert in.”

“Write what you want to say first. Then add quotes from experts that support your points and perspectives. Not the other way around.”

When they ask why, I explain. “Your goal is to be the expert. You want to share your expertise, stories and methods first. The other experts there are to support you.”

If you’d like to see me explain this in a video, watch this: (02:26 minutes)

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You come first.

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You may not be as famous as other experts. But your perspective is the most important thing in your book.

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by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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