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Writing a book can be confusing. I totally get it!
You may be overwhelmed by how to write:

  • I’m a pretty good writer, but I don’t know how to write a book. 
  • How do I write a book that makes me stand out from others?
  • How can I sound like an expert without bragging?
  • How do I tell my personal story, yet share my business expertise?
  • How can my book expand my business?

Or you might be unsure about the publishing process.

You may be wondering about how to publish your book:

Should I self publish or find a traditional publisher?

How do I get my book on Amazon?

What kind of book title makes people want to buy?

How do I choose a book designer?

How can I turn my book into a series? 

Perhaps you wonder about how to market and monetize your book:

  • How do I market my book?
  • How can I make money or return on investment (ROI)? 
  • How do I share about my book on social media, without annoying people?
  • How do I start giving public talks about my book? 
  • How can my book extend my business?

If you find yourself agreeing
(or celebrating because "finally, someone understands"),
I have wonderful news for you...

Your Book is Worthy!
And Your Audience Will Buy!

With your book, you can quickly and easily:

  • Raise your credibility.
  • Increase your revenue
  • Transform people's lives.
  • Support your other business services and product
  • Finally say, “I am an author.”

Unlike the “Magician’s secrets”, which must not be shared,
I believe that sharing is caring.
I love helping people share their message with the world.
And I want to help you share your message, too
-- in a way that is memorable, marketable and monetizable! 

So I'm thrilled to invite you to this exciting FREE interview series,
featuring experts who will show you exactly how to go from
idea to launch with your book.

The quickest way to do something is to learn from other experts who have accomplished what is it you’d like to accomplish.

You don’t have to start from scratch, because these experts are going to help you. They are going to clear things up for you so you can get your book out.

They’ve been in your shoes before, and they know exactly what it takes to publish books, and even create best sellers! And they will show you how.

Here are some of the wonderful things you’ll discover during this online author's summit:

  • How to write your book to position yourself as an expert
  • How to publish your book, so you create a media empire
  • How to launch your book, so you are seen by millions 
  • Secrets of Authors who have catapulted business with their books 
  • ... and more!


How much does it cost?

This online author's summit is FREE.

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