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Featured Speakers:

Michael E. Gerber

The E-Myth Revisited
bestselling author

Suzanne Evans

How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything,
NYT bestselling author

Write and Publish
for Impact

Your Game-changing Book

Michelle Villalobos

Superstar Activator
Brand Strategist

Walt Hampton

President of Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port,
Summit Success founder

Sahar Nafal

The Bright Side of Life Community founder

Michael Sarracini

HGTV's Income Property co-star; Keyspire Training

Your Superstar Brand and Book

Time Mastery
for Authors

Build Your Book Community

Author to TV Celebrity

Mark Lovett

TEDx Organizer San Diego; Storytelling with Impact founder

Marquesa Pettway, CSP

Speakerpreneur™ founder

Dustin Hillis

Southwestern Consulting Group of Companies CEO

Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown
& Associates CEO

Story Listening

Authors as Speakerpreneurs

Power of Purpose for Authors

Secrets to 5-Star Amazon Reviews

Jackie Lapin

Speakertunity founder

Raoul Davis

Ascendant Group CEO

Tina Dietz

Start Something Creative Business Solutions founder

Iman Aghay

Online Course Expert,
Success Road Academy founder

Author Visibility with Speaking Gigs

6-Figure Publishing Deals with
CEO Branding

Audio Marketing
for Authors

Monetize Your Book with Online Courses

Dean DeLisle

Forward Progress founder

Jason Drohn

Leveling Up Academy founder

LeeAnn Webster

Totally Telesummits founder

Jon Block

Effective Presentations speaker trainer

LinkedIn Influence for Authors

Online Marketing
for Authors

Email Essentials
for Authors

Master Your Personal Story

Gurutej Khalsa

The Energy Gurus founder

Jenny Shipley

Author Bridge Media managing editor

Laurie Aranda

Author Bridge Media publishing director

Helen Chang

Author Bridge Media CEO

Energy Tools
for Authors

Creating Emotional Connection with Readers

Publishing 101: Self, Hybrid or Traditional?

Catapult Your Credibility with a Book

But writing a book can be confusing.
I totally get it!
You may be overwhelmed, wondering:

  • How do I get started? 
  • The best way to tell my personal story and still be seen as an expert?
  • How do I create an emotional connection with my reader?

Or you might be unsure about the publishing process.

You may not know:

  • The difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing.
  • How to get your book on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.
  • How to keep 100% revenue and ownership of your book. The top ways to land a 6-figure advance from a publisher.

Perhaps you wonder about how to market and monetize your book. Discover:

  • Secrets to getting 5-star Amazon reviews
  • Top strategies to promote your book on social media without annoying people
  • How to land more speaking gigs with your book
  • How to create a podcast around your book
  • More ways to catapult your business with your book

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, I have wonderful news...

Your Book is Worthy!
You Can Get it Out There!
And Your Audience Will Buy It!

With your book, you can quickly and easily:

  • Raise your credibility.
  • Increase your revenue
  • Transform more lives.
  • Support your other business services and product
  • Finally say, “I am an author.”

Just some of the valuable secrets you’ll learn during this Authors Summit include:

  • How to write your book to position yourself as an expert
  • How to publish your book, so you create a media empire
  • How to launch your book, so you are seen and read by millions 
  • Plus more strategies for catapulting your business with a book

About Your Host

Helen Chang is a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of Author Bridge Media, she has assisted more than 400 authors to write, brand and publish their books for credibility, revenue and raving fans.

Her clients include Michael Gerber of The E-Myth books, Dani Johnson of ABC's Secret Millionaire, and Scott McGillivray of HGTV's Income Property. Her authors have landed interviews with top media, including CNN, CNBC, Fox, Forbes, The View,  and Tim Ferris Podcast. With just one book, a client author launched a $100 million empire.

In particular, Helen loves working with people who have experienced failure, despair and struggle, yet rose to gain success, triumph and wisdom. She is passionate about authors with innovative thinking, unique methods and visionary ideas to change the world, as well as those with quiet, heartfelt messages that could save just one person's life.

Helen believes in the power of stories to transform people, whether through books, audio, or other viral media. She finds grace in helping people tell their stories, so that they can inspire others, make a difference, and ultimately, fulfill their own life purpose.

Books saved Helen's life, as she grew up in a scholarly, yet emotionally abusive home. Reading stories helped her discover other worlds of adversity and inspiration and to connect to something greater than herself. She began writing poems at age five, published her first book at age eight, and grew up to become an award-winning journalist for publications including BusinessWeek, San Francisco Chronicle and

Soon, entrepreneurs started asking her to ghostwrite their training courses, books, and talks which later expanded into publishing services. Author Bridge Media now takes authors from idea to published book in six months.

Helen's first business book was a roller coaster ride. Finishing her first draft, she sent it in, proud of how she had shared the author's journey from shame-filled bankruptcy to satisfying multi-millionaire success. Yet, she was told that the book was "not marketable," since it did not share the author's actual methods that readers could grow from. Crawling into bed with her own shame, she chose to not give up and instead study best-selling business books and rewrite her client's manuscript. The book became a bestseller and the cornerstone of the author's international business.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, to first-generation Chinese Americans, Helen is now based in San Diego, California. She lives with her long-term boyfriend, who plays ukulele, while she dances hula.


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