Online Video Interview Series

18 Book Experts share EXACTLY how to go from idea to your own book launch!

Learn their secrets to you can finally write, publish and launch your book to attract revenue and inspire people worldwide!

Katherine MacKenett
Author Bridge Media

Write Your book to Create an Emotional Connection and Magnetize Readers

Judy Weintraub
SkillBites, LLC

Write the Right Book: 
6  Keys to a Strategic Book Plan

Liz Goodgold
Red Fire Branding

How to Create a Sizzling Book Title
that Boosts Sales

Scott Abel
The Content Wrangler

Create Your Digital Publishing Factory: Write It Once, Use It Often

Sarah Reiff-Hekking
True Focus Coaching

Time Management for Writers:
How to Write Your Book 
and Have a Life

Brian Jud
Book Marketing Works

How to Sell More Books
Non-Bookstore Buyers

Jeniffer Thompson
Monkey C Media

Turn Your Website into Your Most Powerful Book Marketing Tool

Bobby Umar
Raeallen Training & Speaking

How to Land Your First TEDx Talk

Scott Hamilton
Next Moves

5 Ways Business Leaders Increase Influence with a Book

Laurie Aranda
Author Bridge Media

Get It Published: Traditional, Hybrid or Self-Publishing?

Becky Robinson
Weaving Influence, Inc.

Marketing Secrets
to Reach Your Book Goals

Denise Cassino
Bestseller Services

Become a #1 Bestseller on Amazon

Marni Freedman
San Diego Writers, Ink

Your Personal Story as Your Brand

Shannon Waller

Bringing Out the Author in You:
Making the Commitment to Write and Publish Your Own Book

TR Garland
TR Garland

LinkedIn for Authors: Sell More Books
Using the World's Largest Social Networking Platform

Jon Block
Speaker Ventures

How to Use Public Speaking 
to 10X Your Book and Business

Helen Chang
Author Bridge Media

5 Steps to Writing
our Bestseller Business Book

Tracy Repchuk
Tracy Repchuk

5 Steps to a Millionaire Book Launch

This online interview series will give you the steps to launch your own best seller masterpiece!



Instantly download 3 exclusive bonus interviews

Bart Baker
BW Baker Insurance Services

... whose business grew by 25%, after launching his books

Cynthia Thaik

... who became a speaker sharing the stage with Jack Canfield, because of her book

Neil Senturia
Blackbird Ventures

... who attracted $22 million
from his book!