88 Things I am grateful for this 2023

Always be grateful in everything, big and small.

I recently heard a podcast, Diary of a CEO, where the host interviewed a happiness expert, Mo Gawdat. 

Mo has discovered the exact formula for happiness. I won’t go into the details, but it has something to do with expectations. 

He also shared a formula for fixing unhappiness. It may sound simple, but it’s still profound. The antidote to unhappiness is… gratitude.


It’s easy to rattle off things to complain about. It’s much harder to list things to be grateful for. This makes me grateful that we have a holiday reminding us to be grateful.

I hope my gratitude list can inspire you to find gratitude in your life. 

Here are 88 things I’m grateful for this year:

1. Fresh Hawaiian Papaya

2. Down pillows

3. Car key batteries

4. One-third into any vacation

5. A walk in Seattle in the fall

6. Salad that I randomly made up, with arugula, avocado and persimmons, sprinkled with ruby pomegranate seeds


7. Balsamic vinegar 

8. Alexa’s trip to Singapore

9. The feel of chopsticks on my right fingers

10. Pink full moon 

11. Taylor Swift finding love with Travis Kelce

12. Finally understanding who Travis Kelce was when he hosted Saturday Night Live before he met Taylor

13. Vitamin B-12

14. Dr. Bonner’s lavender soap

15. Angels

16. Miso butterfish

17. Picnic baskets 


18. Snorkeling in Waikiki

19. Hula dancing at the Barefoot Cafe

20. Home exchanges

21. Apps for tracking hours

22. Songs by Mao Buyi

23. The Netflix series: The King, Eternal Monarch

24. Jeff Mara’s podcast on near-death experiences

25. Vision boards

26. Sailboat

27. Roses

28. Emergency funds

29. Hands in prayer

30. Pages 86 and 87 of the Big Book

31. Pearls from my mother

32. Playing Hawaiian music at Jane’s house

33. Small miracles showing that everything is in Divine order

34.Lane’s brilliance

35. Tricep weights

36. Pilates at Hapa Yoga

37. A gift of Topo trail shoes from Jocelyn


38. My nephew Haikel chasing girls now

39. Green apple juice

40. Barbie

41. Iam Tongi singing Monsters at the American Idol audition

42. Ke Huy Quan, Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Male Actor

43. Daisy Jane, by America

44. Scenes

45. Internal dialogue

46. Physical descriptions to “show,” not “tell,” emotions

47. Business card apps

48. Mo Gawdat, happiness and AI specialist, for sharing ideas about happiness as a choice and AI as sentient beings capable of making ethical choices


Mo Gawdat, Former Chief Business Officer, Google X
Photo credits: www.mogawdat.com

49. Uncle Roger

50. The Diary of a CEO podcast, by Steve Bartlett

51. Our Inspired Authors series

52. Hiking along the Columbia River

53. Picking wild blackberries

54. Picnic at Blue Lake

55. Going on vacation without peeking at work

56. Old photos of Darby

57. Love

58. Calculators

59. Kayaking at La Jolla Shores

60. Walking Lake Murray with Maggie


61. Water

62. Symphony of Possibilities events

63. Accountability buddies

64The birth of the Asian Pacific Islander National Speakers Association (API+ NSA) group

65. Going to bed by 9:30pm 

66. Lori at 8am

67. Reading books in the morning

68. Marriage specialists Drs. John and Julie Gottman, for their distinction of “turning towards.”


Drs. John and Julie Gottman
Photo credits: The Gottman Institute


69. Spring

70. Rainstorms in California, after 5 years of drought

71. Angela’s son making it into medical school

72. Laurie’s growth this year and her unwavering faith

73. KPIs

74. How the universe gives me the perfect clients with the perfect topics 

75. Baby slippers

76. The scent of jasmine

77. Writing retreat at my house

78. My father’s black cashmere cardigan

79. The enduring value of gold

80. Heated car seats

81. Car washes

82. Earbuds

83. Laughing at myself for just discovering earbuds

84. Bicycle rides

85. Yuki recovering from her operation

86. The Heart Sutra

87. Compassionate Communication methods, developed by Marshall Rosenberg

88. Peace


One thing that’s not on this list, but I’m still extremely grateful for, is you. Thank you for being part of my life, and allowing me to be part of yours.

Peace, gratitude and joy

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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