[STORY] My hot pink dress

The joy of speaking on stage again in 3 years!

Would you like to see me in a hot dress?

It’s about time!

I hadn’t spoken to an audience—in person—in about 3 years!

A couple of weekends ago, I got to do so. And to wear my hot pink speaking dress!

I had the honor to speak at Jon Block’s event, Masterful Communicator.

What a great feeling—looking into people’s eyes again, seeing their expressions and hugging them during the event.

pink dress 2

I also saw a couple of our authors at this event: Bijan Zayer, PhD. and Jenshih Lee.

What a joy hugging them in person!

I even bragged about Bijan’s book in my talk.

I can’t share my talk here, but I hope you can at least enjoy my dress.

Do you have an event you think I should speak at? 

Shoot me a note to let me know.

Are you ready for me to brag about your book?

Let’s get yours done!

I love sharing about our authors in my talks.

Can’t wait to share about yours.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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