[VIDEO] Inspired Author: Never Give Up

Persevere even when writing gets tough.

I’m so happy to launch the Inspired Authors series.

It’s a way for us to showcase/highlight authors who are fulfilling their purpose and mission. In the process, they are inspiring others all over the world.

Our first Inspired Author is Jessica Cox, who is on a mission to support people in achieving excellence, regardless of her limitations. 

Jessica is a certified pilot, Taekwondo blackbelt and international speaker. She is also an entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book, Disarm Your Limits: The Flight Formula to Lift You to Success and Propel You to the Next Horizon.

But she wanted to give up many times. In this mini-documentary, Jessica tells of how her physical differences spurred her to success. No matter what obstacles you face, let Jessica inspire you. (7:11 minutes)

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If you are thinking about writing a book, in the process of writing a book or have published your book, don’t give up. Keep going.

Does this inspire you?

Let me know next steps for you and your book.

As always, I’m here for you.

by Helen Chang, ABM Editorial Director

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