Copywriter and Marketing Associate


Purpose, Mission, Values:

You align with our company Purpose, Mission and Values, and act, speak and behave in a way that is congruent with these. Your practice our Codes of Conduct.

You relish the idea of working on sales and marketing campaigns on these topics. You are conscious of tracking stats on your marketing results, understanding that the goal is to support revenue generation activities.

Meetings and participation:

  • You love working from your home office, yet remain accountable to campaign goals, budgets and deadlines
  • You agree to attend weekly all-company team meetings, and weekly marketing team meetings.
  • You agree to participate in live company events, which support sales and marketing activities. These include public talks, writing retreats and public delivery events, and professional trade shows, mostly in San Diego, CA. These are agreed upon as each opportunity approaches.


  • You are responsible for working with the CEO, Marketing Manager and other team members to create and/or execute marketing campaigns
  • You are responsible for working with the Marketing Manager to set monthly, quarterly, six-month and yearly goals, for you to achieve for that time period.
  • You are responsible for working with other vendors and subcontractors to execute campaigns, for example video editors, designers, and assistants.
  • You are responsible for executing marketing campaigns that create qualified sales leads.
  • You are responsible for increasing the number of
    *     website leads
    *     webinar registrations
    *     event registrations
    *     email list subscribers
    *     email open rates

Goals and bonuses:

Bonuses include:

  • For every 500 new email subscribers added, $50 bonus
  • When email list hits 10,000 subscribers, additional $500 bonus
  • Book Bootcamp registrations, for 25 new registrations, $50 bonus
  • Webinar registrations, for every 100 registrations, $25 bonus
  • Speaking engagements booked, $50 each engagement

Overall Marketing Targets:

  • Increase email subscribers to 10,000 by December 31, 2017
  • Increase Book Bootcamp registrations to 50 qualified leads by October 1, 2017
  • Add 25 new blog / article pages with keywords to by December 31, 2017
  • Schedule Helen to 2 or more speaking gig per month for 2017
  • Create list of 150 key clients to send contract letters and write/send every quarter
  • Add 12 or more videos per month to the website, sales landing pages and/or email messages
  • Increase engagement on LinkedIn

Essential tasks include:

  • Understand — Understand exactly how potential clients think and precisely what they say, so you can write copy that mirrors their pain points and desires, visionary goals. (Yes, we provide raw material for you to do this.)
  • Persuade — Create powerful call-to-action copy that results in registrations, sales and conversions. (Yes, we provide training on how to do this.)
  • Brand — Write in a way that communicates our company's brand values, thus attracting our ideal clients and audiences. (You naturally embody our values and write from that heart space.)
  • Copywriting — Write marketing copy that echoes the ideal client's pain and desires for persuasive action, while conveying our company's brand and values.

Channels include:

  • Online sales and landing pages — Write copy for sales landing pages, registration pages, delivery pages and thank you pages.
  • Online events — Write copy for webinars, online workshops, virtual summits, and live events.
  • Email campaigns — Write email strings for online launches and campaigns.
  • Ezines — Write engaging ezine content for connection with our email community.
  • Blogs and articles — Write content-rich blogs for our company website and guest articles for other websites. Suggest blog topics based on existing video content.
  • Social Media — Engage with audiences via LI, FB, TW, YT, and others. Maintain our Facebook Group and update as needed, schedule weekly updates via Hootsuite or Buffer.
  • Infoproducts — Write online products and infoproducts that support marketing campaigns.
  • Videos - Plan and write content-rich video scripts and postings. Work with video editor to create and upload videos to You Tube and post on company website and social media.
  • Testimonials — Interview clients for testimonial videos. Post edited videos to website and social media.
  • Repurposing — Repurpose content to and from various mediums, including blogs, ezines, emails, social media, articles, ebooks, and talks.
  • Collaborating — Communicate with the team via weekly video meetings, including sales, marketing, editorial and operations members. Work with other marketing associates, such as video editors, graphic, web designers and CRM experts.
  • Results — Review your marketing campaign results, measured in ezine open rates, opt-ins, unsubscribes, webinar attendees, sales conversion rates, number of social media followers, website visitors, and other statistics.

Other tasks include:

  • Speech writing — Write signature talks for the company leader, attend speech practice sessions and give critical feedback to speaker.
  • PowerPoint presentations — Prepare PowerPoint presentations for talks, attend the company leader speeches and support the sales team.
  • Online events — Suggest topics for webinars, virtual events, speeches and so on.
  • Collaterals — Write marketing collaterals, including bios, flyers, OneSheets, ads, postcards, etc.
  • Ebooks — Write ebooks or booklets for  free promotional downloads.
  • Infoproducts — Create new ezine opt-in gifts and other marketing products.
  • Keep tabs on client activities and write Thank You cards as appropriate.
  • CRM campaigns — working with our contact relationship management expert to identify and reach targeted audiences.
  • Facebook ads, LinkedIn campaigns

You are continuously improving your skills in being:

  • An excellent copy writer
  • A great listener and a resonant communicator
  • Able to connect with a wide range of people, including business leaders, CEOs, speakers, professionals, healers and change agents, as well as individuals with unique personal stories.
  • Diligent about checking your own work, reviewing for messaging, content and spelling accuracy
  • Internet savvy and deadline driven
  • Friendly and professional; engaging and purposeful; independent and a great team member
  • Coachable
  • Growing, learning and becoming the highest version of yourself you can be.

If this is you, please send a cover letter and resume to