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I have a new favorite feeling in life: being uncomfortable. Not because it's enjoyable, per se (or at all), but because it heralds amazing things.

For me it shows up with "I'm not ready."

"I'm not ready to live in a foreign country." Did it. Magic.

"I'm not ready to ghostwrite my first book." Done. Life changing.

"I'm not ready to move to the mountains by myself." You should hear the birds out here. Heaven.

The biggest "I'm not ready" of my life to date, though, has been changing my name.

I first realized that I needed to do this a few years ago--but the "I'm not ready" stopped me cold. I didn't have a "good reason" to do it. No marriage on the books. Didn't hate my family. Wasn't running from the law.

I just knew that this new name--Katherine--reflected who I was with the greatest authenticity.

Still, I put it off. One year...two years...three. Safe in my comfort zone, I watched everything else in my life grind to a halt. I was comfortable, but I was stuck--and unhappy.

Finally, a month or two ago, I hit my limit. With the "I'm not ready" still shrieking in my ears, I filed the paperwork. A judge stamped it. I became Katherine.

It was like flipping a switch.

Instantly, Life kicked back in. An opportunity sprang up to visit Peru--a lifelong dream of mine. I started writing for myself again. I even acted in a play for the first time in ten years. Every time I said "yes" to something new, I felt really uncomfortable--and really alive.

Here is what I know:

The sign that you're ready is feeling like you're not ready. If sharing your message with the world makes you uncomfortable, don't put it off. Chase it. This is where the magic lives. This is the key to remarkable things.

Go change the world.

Katherine MacKenett

(formerly Kristine Serio)


If you're ready to change the world with your message and your book, let us know. We're ready for you!


Helen Chang


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