Manuscript Review

Step 3: Make My Sentences Smooth and Dot My I's

The next step toward finishing your book is copy editing and proofreading. We have two options in Step 3 -- Make My Sentences Smooth and Dot My I's. You can choose both, one or none. In this step, we will copy edit your manuscript to ensure your writing flows. Then, we'll proofread to eliminate mistakes and make your manuscript sparkle.

Make My Sentences Smooth (Copy Edit the Manuscript)

We copy edit your manuscript for sentence flow, grammar, spelling, etc. We make sure your sentences flow and follow English language rules. Our professional Editors are trained in the Chicago Manual of Style. This is the industry standard.

The step includes:

  • Copy editing for sentence flow and English language accuracy (spelling, grammar, etc.)
  • Removing redundancies, awkward language use or inaccuracies
  • Editing to the professional book-editing style guide: Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)
  • Copy editing includes checking for:

> Grammatical mistakes
> Run-on sentences
> Punctuation and quotation marks
> Subject-verb agreement
> Sentence fragments and lengths
> Spelling
> Apostrophes
> Comma usage and splices
> Tenses
> Structure and theme
> Organization
> Audience appropriateness
> Evergreen dates and time references
> Logic

(Word counts may change if you revise or add content to your manuscript, after doing the Checkup. We need a word count for the actual manuscript you will be submitting for this service.)

Turnaround time: 10 - 15 business days

Investment: based on word count.

We want to understand your book goals before reviewing your manuscript so that we can provide suggestions and recommendations that support your goals. 

Please contact us if you'd like to get started.

Dot My I's (Proofread the Manuscript)

We give the manuscript final sparkle. We correct typos and stray errors,  so you have a clean manuscript, ready for design. This includes:

  • Proofread editorial text for:

> Typographical errors
> Spelling
> Stray typos
> Capitalization

  • Proofreading areas to check include:

> Table of contents
> Table of figures
> Table of authorities
> Page numbers
> Headers and footers
> Citations
> Cross references
> Quotations
> Spelling of names
> Section numbers
> Medical references
> Website links

Turnaround time: 5 - 10 business days

Investment: based on word count.

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